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Deflation Case Study: United Kingdom

I have repeated the work of earlier case studies in this case turning my attention to the UK (please read earlier posts for an explanation about M3 Inflation). The graph is a comparison of my measure of inflation with the official CPI measure of inflation.  The first thing that is apparent from the graph is that [...]

Deflation Case Study: Japan

Welcome to 2011, Deflationite readers.

Lets kick off the new year by having a look at the darling of deflation, Japan. Much has been written about the malaise that has hung over Japan for two decades. I’m not going to repeat much of it.

Essentially when talking about deflation in Japan every analyst simply talks about CPI [...]

Australia: Defying the Precipice

It has been eight months since the blog post, Australia: On the Precipice time enough for an update. At the time of writing that article I was making a prediction that money supply growth would reach negative territory by mid year, based on trends emerging last last year. This has not eventuated, as you can see by [...]

Deflation Case Study: Latvia

This case study really should have been one of the first covered because the deflation dynamics at play in Latvia have been more pronounced than just about any other country in the world. This case study will confirm many of the patterns we have seen in previous case studies. Namely a fall in the value [...]

Australia: On the Precipice

The popular opinion if one is to believe the mainstream media and various talking heads is that Australia has missed the worst of the GFC and the future looks bright as Australia gravitates back towards ‘normal’ growth levels. The unseen opinion is that Australia is on the precipice of a debt deflation period, which will [...]

Deflation Case Study: Spain

Things are going so bad economically in Spain that the national pastime has changed from bullfighting to bearfighting. Now that I have that terrible joke out of the way, what are the prospects for deflation in Spain? It had been characterised, like quite a few other advanced economies, with rapidly rising credit and asset prices. [...]

Deflation Case Study: Ireland

Ireland was once the darling of the economic world, proclaimed as the ‘celtic tiger’ it had a momentum that was seemingly unstoppable. Then along came the GFC and we now have the ‘celtic kitten’ .

Incredibly the 4 and a half million people of Ireland have a collective external debt of over 1.6 trillion Euros. Of course it [...]

Deflation Case Study: Malaysia

This is the first in what will eventually be an extensive list of country based case studies examining the case for or against deflation around different corners of the globe. They will not all be the same, and I expect the analysis to evolve and develop as my own ideas change over time as well. [...]