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Debt deflation in action: Greece | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Household debt in Greece is pretty low (70% of GDP, 2013), at least compared with countries like the Netherlands (139%, 2012), Denmark (149%, 2012) or Ireland (112%, 2012). Also, after 2010 Greek households paid [...]

As we've said for 3 yrs., QE doesn't fight deflation, it causes it. | Max …

Max Keiser and Steve Keen both deserve credit for saying that QE causes deflation . Steve Keen piggybacks on Hyman Minsky when he describes a Debt Deflationary economic environment where QE just [...]

Closing Dinner Remarks — The Hyman P. Minsky … – EconoMonitor

But it seems to me that that, based upon the history of the past decade, Professor Minsky would have insisted that the profession re-examine the roots of inflation and deflation . That is, as Minsky already knew, that [...]

What Would Minsky See Today? |

Alpert answers that question by explaining why the Federal Reserve's program of quantative easing has not produced a durable economic recovery and why the economy still leans toward deflation instead of inflation. QE [...]

Thursday, June 5, 2014 – The Real News Matters

The Federal Reserve Versus Hyman Minsky (and Deflation ) By Yves Smith June 5, 2014. Yves here. Ilargi at Automatic Earth provided a good rant of something that I had similarly seen as astonishingly cheeky, which was [...]

The Federal Reserve Versus Hyman Minsky (and Deflation) | naked …

How the Fed has gotten itself caught in its own underwear by ignoring Hyman Minsky [...]

Hyman Minsky, Charles Darwin, and descent into the cover of minutiae

There was a curmudgeonly economist named Hyman Minsky (1919-1996). We're not economists and have only learned about him second-hand, after the fact, when what he said before the fact was born out by the [...]

ECB's Nowotny: There is no deflation | ForexLive

Nowotny says we have a situation today which is not deflation but long-term low price [...]

Europe suffering from deflation pressures that resulted directly from …

Europe is in the clasp of the deflationary forces that resulted directly from its inane handling of the Eurozone crisis. … What about Hyman Minsky's proposal to use government as employer of last resort? Imagine [...]

Should Governments run Deficits? a Minsky Model – Steve Keen's …

This is a talk about what the economic consequences could be of Australia's ambition to achieve a permanent government surplus of 1% of GDP. I present a very simple Minsky model in [...]