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Calafia Beach Pundit: Still no signs of deflation

Japan's problems over the years are commonly attributed to deflation , but that ignores completely the fact that Japan's fiscal policies have been abysmally bad for decades (e.g., way too much government spending). Deflation [...]

Where The US Is Importing All The "Evil" Deflation From, In One …

The reason why the BLS' seasonally and hedonically-adjusted core inflation has failed to rise is because Japan , courtesy of its far greater on a relative basis QE and its crashing Yen, has been exporting deflation to the [...]

Japan PM Abe process moving toward end of deflation 06 October …

Japan PM Abe: Japan in the process of moving toward the end of deflation 06 October [...]

GayPatriot » Japan: Has it really been in deflation?

In the comments to my recent post On Deflation (and “too-low inflation”), a commenter expressed a frequently-heard belief, that a negative “example of deflation is Japan from 1990 to the present.” I appreciate all [...]

Albert Edwards says investors should watch the Japanese yen and …

Edwards says Japan is just as apt to lead the way. When the Internet bubble burst in 2000, Japan's tech-heavy Jasdaq index started to slide weeks before the Nasdaq. Japan also pioneered the deflation that now threatens [...]

Japan's Abe says GPIF needs reform as Japan exits deflation …

GPIF benefitting from stock prices rising as a result of Abenomics. GPIF needs safe, efficient investments to benefit [...]

Will Europe Go Into a Japan-Style Deflation? | EconMatters

Europe: The ONE Economic Comparison That Must Not Be Named… Was Just Named. The Continent is now teetering on the edge of a ” Japan -style” deflation . Here's our take on it. By Elliott Wave International. It's [...]

Charles Nenner on Deflation and the Coming Crash – Business Insider

“Europe is close to deflation , Japan is still in deflation, China has very low inflation, and if the dollar continues to rise in the United States, we'll get deflation over here. And I don't think investors are ready for it.” Nenner [...]

Europe Teetering the Ddge of a "Japan-style" Deflation :: The Market …

“The central bank's latest deflation -fighting contrivance is a €400 billion package of targeted LTRO loans, which are designed to compel banks to lend to ordinary business owners. Also like Japan , the ECB has slashed [...]

The Japanese Deflation Myth and the Yen's Slump :: The Market …

The Japanese Deflation Myth and the Yen's Slump :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free [...]