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Japan economy Amari deflation debate exit little early 25 July 2014 …

Japan economy minister Amari: Govt has not declared end to deflation – debate about exit a little early 25 July [...]

Japan Australian bond yields fall US levels deflationary 22 July …

Japan analyst says Australian bond yields to fall to US levels … “It's a deflationary situation” 22 July [...]

Why Japan? Why Now? | ETF Trends

Japan's monetary accommodation, fiscal policy, and structural reforms have been coined “Abenomics” after Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Abenomics is a three arrowed multi-front attack on the deflation and slow [...]

Is the Euro the New Yen? | ETF Trends

The case for Japan's equity market in late 2012 and 2013 started when the central bank provided huge levels of monetary support to rid Japan of deflation . This action led to a much weaker yen, which in turn contributed to [...]

urope Does Not Understand Deflation And Wages

There, big business, the Japanese trade unions and government jointly called on companies to negotiate big pay rises so as to end two decades of deflation . In Japan with “Abenomics”, there is at least the [...]

Has Japan Finally Beaten Deflation? : Smart Money : Wealthcop …

Has Japan Finally Beaten Deflation ? Please contact us for details on how to access this article. This entry was posted in Smart Money and tagged Fundamentals, Macro on July 14, 2014 by Teresa. « Stock Picks for July 14 – [...]

Japan economy Amari Current Japan economy deflation 11 July …

More from Japan economy minister Amari: Current Japan economy not in state of deflation 11 July [...]

Inflation vs Deflation | EURObiZ Japan

Inflation vs Deflation . Which is right for Japan ? Although there are many aspects to Abenomics, I believe the core of the programme is inflation. We know that gentle inflation soothes away debt, makes people feel slightly richer, raises [...]

Hiroshi Nakaso: Japan's economy and monetary policy

15 years of deflation while referring to monetary policies in the United States and Europe since the global financial crisis. I. Japan's deflationary equilibrium. Since the latter half of the 1990s, Japan's economy had been in [...]