October 2020
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Japan's war on deflation cast in fresh doubt – Deutsche Welle

Japan's inflation rate has slowed for the sixth month in a row despite the Bank of Japan's massive monetary stimulus to spur growth. Falling prices put a damper on Tokyo's hopes to overcome years of deflation [...]

Looks as if they lost battle against deflation: Japan's Inflation Slows …

(Bloomberg) — Japan's inflation slowed more than forecast in January, highlighting central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda's challenge in reflating the world's third-biggest economy. Consumer prices excluding fresh food rose [...]

Video: Is Deflation Returning to Japan? – Japan Real Time – WSJ

As global deflation worries spread, new Japanese data Friday show the difficult central banks face in battling that [...]

Guest post: Korea threatened by Japan-led deflation | beyondbrics

Monetary easing in Japan may not have pushed its close neighbour into outright deflation just yet, but deflationary pressures in Korea are certainly rising. Manufacturers in Korea have chosen to hold their prices over the [...]

How India Has Avoided Catching the Deflation Contagion – WSJ Blogs

“India has now entered the deflation club in (Asia outside of Japan ) region where seven of the 10 countries already have (producer price indexes) in deflation territory,” Morgan Stanley said in a research note. Japan is [...]

Spain's “Good” Deflation? | A Fistful Of Euros

In fact deflation has been settling in for a lot longer than people in Spain think it has. The national statistics office maintain an ex-tax estimated EU HICP inflation rate, rather like the one the Bank of Japan maintains [...]

Deflation and the dangers of 'turning Japanese' – Steven McCabe …

Optimists argue that a number of things will occur militating against the normal problems associated with falling [...]

The Bank of Japan's efforts toward overcoming deflation – Bank for …

BIS central bankers' speeches. 1. Takehiro Sato: The Bank of Japan's efforts toward overcoming deflation . Remarks by Mr Takehiro Sato, Member of the Policy Board of the Bank of Japan , at the 7th. Japan Securities [...]

Piketty: Europe should learn lesson from Japan on deflation

French Economist, Thomas Piketty said Europe should learn from Japan that monetary policy alone can't prevent the economy entering deflation [...]

Some Economists See Spell of Deflation Ahead for Japan – Real …

Some economists are betting Japan will slip back into deflation , at least for a time, in coming months as the effects of cheaper crude oil outweigh those of the weaker yen. Others are more upbeat, saying price falls are likely [...]