March 2009
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The US Economic Crisis: Inflation vs. Deflation A look at inflation and deflation, the key issues in any economic crisis, and how understanding how those issues are playing out will help individuals develop a strategy for preserving and growing their wealth in the US economic crisis. Below are brokers have been sponsors used and approved by InformedTrades founders. Click the link for a free demo trading account FXCM (currencies): TOS (stocks): Apex (futures): Bullion Vault (gold): [...]

Inflation & Deflation 3: Obama Stimulus Plan

Is the stimulus large enough to offset the demand shock caused by the contraction in credit? Will it lead to [...]

Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization 2

More on inflation and capacity [...]

Inflation, Deflation & Capacity Utilization

A discussion of inflation and [...]

Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco | The Risk of Deflation

Inflation dynamics today are likely to be very different than they were during the 1920s and 1930s. Among other reasons, the United States and other countries no longer adhere to the gold [...]

Cupcake Economics 3

Using our spreadsheet to show why prices decrease when utilization is low and prices increase when utilization is [...]

Cupcake Economics 2

Learn more: More analysis of the cupcake [...]

Economics of a Cupcake Factory

Economics of a simple business leading up to a discussion on inflation/deflation. Touching on income [...]

$10,000,000,000,000 may be necessary to stop deflation……

Goldman Sachs – $10 trillion required! “How much is one trillion dollars?” video… Good visual of 1 trillion – [...]

deflation – why it is much scarier than inflation!

a timely analysis of why deflation is a far more scary prospect thatn [...]