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Australia: Defying the Precipice

It has been eight months since the blog post, Australia: On the Precipice time enough for an update. At the time of writing that article I was making a prediction that money supply growth would reach negative territory by mid year, based on trends emerging last last year. This has not eventuated, as you can see by [...]

Conference on the Future: Energy, Economy & Environment: Sustainability vs. Deflation

localfuture.org Featuring keynote talks by Nicole Foss (Stoneleigh of The Automatic Earth), Dr. Joe Tainter (author of “The Collapse of Complex Societies”), Steve Keen (author of “Debunking Economics” and winner of the Revere Award), Richard Douthwaite (author of “The Ecology of Money”), David Korowicz (director of the Risk Network), Chris Bedford (president of the Center for Economic Security), and Aaron Wissner (president of Local Future). A conference on energy, economy, and environment; the interactions between these; a study of projections for the future; understanding, responding to, and preventing recessions, deflations and collapses; and achieving [...]

Japan, deflation, and other hobgoblins

In the case of discussing Japan's economic situation, we first need to define the meanings of “inflation” and “ deflation ”. Contrary to what you may have heard, neither term means rising or falling prices, but rather an expansion … [...]

Hyper Deflation for some people seems to be on the horizon


Hyperinflation, Deflation, Currency Wars Economic Update 1

US Debt is out of control & this fact is about to change your life. We look at recent actions by the Fed & others which will quickly bring chaos home. To watch a detailed FREE video detailing the current economic situation go to [...]

Why is the Fed doing this? | Econbrowser

… with debt service and cash hoarding noted above. Many analysts point to Japan's experience of the 1990s as an illustration of the problems that this kind of low inflation or modest deflationary environment can [...]

A Policy Vacuum Is Prolonging Deflation – Editors … – Japan Echo Web

It is high time for the Kan administration to tell the world where it stands and spell out what it intends to do. Ever since the Democratic Party of Japan took over the reins of government a year ago, Japan's basic position on foreign affairs and … [...]