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Why do you expact hyperinflation and not deeper deflation | Peak …

In Japan we have deflation like over 15 years even though the public debts are skyrocketing. … I dont get this, any country is issuing money as debts – thus its more likely to get deeper in deflation than into [...]

2012: Can Ron Paul Stop the Federal Reserve?

Video about Ron Paul and the campaign to stop the Federal Reserve from destroying America with a hyper-inflationary holocaust. I also talk his run and Alex Jones’ attempt to get Paul to run for President in 2012. My name is Reginald Kaigler and I am also known as DEMCAD. Backup Channel: DEMCAD2 [...]

Deflation Case Study: Japan

Welcome to 2011, Deflationite readers.

Lets kick off the new year by having a look at the darling of deflation, Japan. Much has been written about the malaise that has hung over Japan for two decades. I’m not going to repeat much of it.

Essentially when talking about deflation in Japan every analyst simply talks about CPI [...]

LINGO: Deflation

https://texasenterprise.org/series/lingo Economist Mike Brandl explains the danger of deflation, where constantly falling prices and wages set the stage for [...]

Japan Economy is in Deep Mire Deflation

Article from Internet Articles DB – IADB and entitled Japan Economy is in Deep Mire Deflation – By Himfr [...]

Gold, Silver, and Deflation

A few thoughts about the economy at year’s end. My favorite scenario continues to be continued monetary deflation possibly severe, followed by a period of moderate to severe price inflation as a result of ongoing actions by central banks around the world. Timing is always problematic; potential of likelihood less so. Dead Cat Bounce – Bernanke Dumber Than Gold – Get Out Of Stocks – Mike Maloney www.youtube.com SILVER RARER THAN GOLD? Why Gold & Silver? www.youtube.com GLOBAL GOLD & SILVER RUSH! Why Gold And Silver (Free Precious Metals Investing movie) www.youtube.com The Next Dubai? – Real Estate & Property Bubble, Mike Maloney of Gold and Silver Inc [...]