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Inflation & Deflation – What’s the Big Deal

Alex Merced does a little presentation on Inflation and Deflation, how to to track, and what are it’s effects on economic performance and calculation. [...]

Default America: Deflation vs Inflation

Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff plans to run for president as a third-party candidate. I had the pleasure of doing an in depth interview with him about a year ago. This story is one of many he appears in.Visit Preface: 60 minutes did a second special report with Ben Bernanke that aired December the 5th. Bernanke was their only interview, and he indicated that inflation was necessary to bolster the economy. My work challenges that view by showing the effects it will have on your everyday person. My message “Not only do we have less money to spend in this recession, the cost of basics like food and fuel continue to rise. During the great depression, prices actually fell. That’s deflation. The government wont allow that to happen this time, telling us inflation is necessary” SOT Peter Schiff CEO Europac “Right now the government is telling us that deflation is the problem; is the threat” Music pop: Jon Hopkins – Contact Note Deflation is defined as a fall in the general price level. This means the value of the money in your pocket increases and you are able to buy more. SOT Peter Schiff CEO Europac “…and we need to create inflation. And as the signs of that inflation become more obvious at first the government is going to claim victory, Ah ha we won!” Inflation is defined as a rise in the general price level. It means the value of the money in your pocket decreases and you are not able to buy as much … [...]

Economic Collapse: Hyperinflation or Deflation?

Which are we going to see in the coming economic collapse, Inflation or deflation? Crash Proof 2.0: Return of the Great Depression: [...]

Insight from Japan: When Deflation is a GOOD Thing

Tim Staermose here. Simon asked me to fill in today as he's presently en route to New York City. I'm sure at this point, he's probably trying to remember all the countries that he's been to since his last trip to the US six months … [...]

“Like a Dog Walking on its Hind Legs”: Krugman's Minsky Model …

Click here for this post as a PDF I recently fired a stray shot at Paul Krugman over his joke paper The Theory of Interstellar Trade (Krugman 2010), [...]

Deflation, debt, and economic stimulus | vox

The US, Japan , and Ireland are threatened by the spectres of deficient private demand, rising debt, and a tendency to deflation . This column questions current monetary policy directions, i.e. quantitative easing, and argues … [...]