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The euro zone crisis: Full Fathom five | The Economist

Moreover in the absence of massive monetary easing to prevent sterling from rising by upwards of 35%, we see the UK slipping into deflation , which would make servicing its debt even harder. And you can forget those fiscal targets, In our simulation, the austerity measures … prices by the bank just leads to misallocation like the recent housing Minsky [...] – Japan aims to beat deflation in 2 years-govt draft

Japan aims to end deflation within the next two years counting on reconstruction spending and efforts to spur private demand to bring back sustained increases in prices, the government's draft economic revival plan said on … [...]

Michael Hudson on Reforming the US Financial and Tax System …

In this excellent and encompassing piece, Dr. Michael Hudson is interviewed by Alan Minsky of KPFK and addresses not only the importance of this time of coming to understand the actual and long standing underlying problems of the current financial system but also the fundamental issues which must be acknowledged, understood and addressed in order to achieve true change for the 99% and the vast majority of hmans all over the … [...]

Barnes Capital » Blog Archive » Me Worry(ied) – Yes

Fisher, idea of debt deflation … In 1933 Fisher don't , Minsky , debts assumed a the hight of the bubble, can't be repaid. They are based on rising asset prices, … he called these things “ponzi units”… such debts can not be … [...]

Bear Market Issues: Misunderstanding the Crisis

As we shall see, this is a parody of Minsky's Hypothesis. He devoted slightly more space to Irving Fisher and his debt- deflation theory, but what he presented was likewise a parody of Fisher's views, rather than a serious … [...]

UPDATE 3-Japan deflation persists; Europe dims outlook – Reuters …

UPDATE 3- Japan deflation persists; Europe dims outlook – Reuters UK. By on November 28, 2011 in News. TOKYO, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Japan's core consumer prices fell for the first time in four months in the year to October … [...]

NBR | Japan Deflation | PBS PBS Airdate: January 26, 2010 Nightly Business Report Correspondent Lucy Craft examines the deflation problem in Japan . Demand continues to decline, pushing prices lower, and creating the threat of a double … [...]

Debunking Economics | The Sizemore Investment Letter

Paying back proves to be remarkably hard. (Note: Though he is a “Post-Keynesian” economist, Keen makes it clear that that countercyclical Keynesian deficit spending is not going to fix an economic plagued by debt deflation . More on that to come.) [...]

Japan deflation persists (Reuters)

Reuters – Japan's core consumer prices fell for the first time in four months in the year to October after a cigarette [...]

A Revived Roman Empire Is Forming In The EU ….. Deflation …

Introduction. The Euro continues to trade lower. Germany is rising out of the European sovereign debt crisis to be Europe's [...]