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Diary of a Republican Hater: Krugman, Stephen Keen and Minsky

In the Depression, we pursued the “liqidantionist” line, that is to say, asset price deflation . This time, in 2008, we again saw a lot of asset price deflation . What is fascinating is what Minsky had to say bout the “stagflationist” [...]

Japanese Yen to Lose Ground as Fiscal Year Ends, Deflation …

Tweet Fundamental Forecast for Japanese Yen: Bearish The Japanese Yen had a stronger week, finishing first among the majors in terms of performance versus the U.S. Dollar, up 1.31 percent since last Friday. The Yen's … [...]

Is it time to go big in Japan?

An easing of monetary policy that brings a weakening currency will provide an additional boost to a corporate sector that has proved adept at cutting costs after two decades of deflation .” Experts in Japanese equities say the country's … [...]

A Gold Standard?

By trying to forestall an imagined deflation , the Federal Reserve comes perilously close to instigating the real thing. The economist Hyman Minsky laid down the paradox that stability is itself destabilizing. I say that the pledge of a stable funds … [...]

WHY MINSKY MATTERS: Part One | The Bagehot Post

WHY MINSKY MATTERS: Part One: My friend Steve Keen recently presented a “primer” on Hyman Minsky ; you can read it here: minsky / In his piece, Steve criticized the methodology used by Paul Krugman and argued that Krugman could learn a lot from Minsky . In particular Krugman's equilibrium approach and … dynamics was contrasted to Minsky's rich analysis. Finally, Krugman's model of debt deflation … [...]

Japan May Understate Deflation in Hurdle for BOJ's Target …

The may not be ableto overcome deflation even if price increases reach its 1percent target because government data understates declines inthe consumer price index, a former BOJ official said. “There's a possibility prices … [...]

Krugman versus Keen « Real-World Economics Review Blog

… neoclassical economists are paying some attention to his hypothesis, and there has been at least one attempt to build a New Keynesian model of a key phenomenon in Minsky's hypothesis, a debt- deflation (Krugman and … [...]

Electric Air Pump for Inflation/Deflation of Air … – Buy Gold Japan

Buy Gold Japan . Keep up to date on the gold and silver markets. Bookmark and come back daily. Today is Wednesday, March 28th, 2012. Home · RSS · Articles on Gold and Silver · Buy Gold and Silver at 1% Over Wholesale Cost · Silver … [...]

Yen slump will become the next Black Swan event “? | Forex News

However, a stronger yen and deflation parallel roads is not sustainable, the country's main export industry downturn and the recent trade deficit, suggesting that this road will come to an end. the Japanese economy is the … [...]

Philip Pilkington: Krugman Makes Accusations of Fundamentalism …

Krugman claims that Keen is attacking him because Keen somehow thinks that Minsky's analysis is Holy Writ. This is complete nonsense. Keen is attacking Krugman because his frankly lazy reading of Minsky has led him to … [...]