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Top Japan Stocks for Investors #2 | Good Stocks to Buy | Best Stocks …

But Japan is still not without its challenges that have plagued the country for the last decade or more. Just like other countries around the world, they are suffering from escalating debt and a certain degree of deflation . Japan actually is the most … [...]

Lunch With Bridgewater's Ray Dalio?

He has read little academic economics (though his work has echoes of Hyman Minsky , an American economist, and of best-selling recent work on downturns by Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff) but has conducted in-depth analysis of past periods of economic upheaval, such as the Depression in America, … Print too little money and the result is an ugly, deflationary deleveraging (see Greece); print too much and the deleveraging may become inflationary, as in Weimar [...] – BOJ Shirakawa says will do utmost to beat deflation

Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Thursday the central bank will do its utmost to beat deflation while carefully examining the economic and price [...]

Deflation Demon May Be Economic Angel In Disguise | silveristhenew

Deflation is bad, right? That is the position taken by most conventional economists over the past several generations—even some of those from the Austrian School of Economics such as Ludwig von Mises and Murray … [...]