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Folks and Finance by kevin D. blanch 7/31/12 lecture continued

The truth is THIS economics finance politics AND socioeconomics are not Religion; they are economics finance politics AND socioeconomics, and religion is [...]

nakedempire: ''Central Bankers Choice Between Deflationary or …

That depression became deflationary , 1931-34, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (1934) did not exist. Depositors took their money out and did not redeposit it. That created monetary deflation through the … [...]

Bond measure dismisses deflation amid QE3 anticipation …

Bernanke has studied policy errors in the Great Depression and during Japan's rolling recessions of the 1990s. He said in 2000 that the Bank of Japan should pursue faster inflation to curb the risk of deflation , adding earlier … [...]

The public choice approach to monetary policy

'' Japan's tolerance of the strong yen and deflation is rooted in a clash of generations,'' said Yutaka Harada, a professor of political science and economics at Waseda University in Tokyo. ''And for now, the seniors are [...]

Japan to avoid vicious cycle of yen, deflation -strategy document – XE

Japan's government will take every possible step to prevent a vicious cycle of a strong yen and deflation , a document on the nation's growth strategy said on [...]

Japan's economy loses momentum as deflation persists

The data released Friday by Japan's Statistics Bureau show that consumer prices declined to 0.2 percent in June from the earlier year. Policymakers agree that one of the government's most important goals is to beat deflation [...]

Japan's deflation speeds up in June; yen falls – MarketWatch

Japan's deflation speeds up in June; yen falls – MarketWatchZee NewsJapan's deflation speeds up in June; yen fallsMarketWatchLOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) [...]

ForexLive Asia-Pacific wrap: Japan deflating again | ForexLive

Japan June CPI -0.2% y/y vs 0.0% exp Tokyo July CPI -0.8% vs -0.6% exp Japan retail sales +0.2% vs +1.1% exp Chinese industrial profits fall for [...]

Fading Account Surplus to End Japan Deflation, Mikuni Says …

Fading Account Surplus to End Japan Deflation , Mikuni SaysBusinessweekJapan's economy is poised to rebound as the country's shrinking current-account surplus will cap capital outflows and stimulate growth, according to … [...]

INSTANT VIEW 3-Japan core CPI falls 0.2 pct, deflation to persist – XE

Japan's core consumer prices fell 0.2 percent in June from a year earlier, government data showed on Friday, in a sign the country is still far from achieving the central bank's target of 1 percent [...]