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The People's Place: Global Demand is Lousy … Manufacturing …

We've discussed this debt deflation scenario previously, so we won't go into detail again in this posting. That said, you can bing or google Irving Fisher and “debt deflation ” or if you prefer, Hyman Minsky and “The Financial … [...]

Daily Kos: A 2012 Victory Won't Bring Back the Economy: Only a …

This debate ignores the big elephant in the room; the millions of people underwater defrauded into mortgage debt and other private debt chaining them to their deflating assets with no sufficient income prospects added up and compounded …… of it) and mixed it with Irving Fischer's debt deflation hypothesis and Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis and that is where we see Steve Keen and Michael Hudson coming from today with their own contributions of [...]

Japan recovering, faces debt, euro risks: IMF — TalkVietnam

Over the medium term, a prolonged global downturn and Tokyo's limited progress on structural reforms would expose Japan to continued “low growth and deflation , a toxic mix that would worsen public debt dynamics … [...]

Australian House Prices Update June 2012 | Steve Keen's Debtwatch

Instead, Australian prices are down by just over 9 per cent, which is indistinguishable from the Japanese fall of just under 8.9 per cent at the same point in its house price deflation . So does this increase mean that the trend of … [...]