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Easing by the BOJ Seen as Weak Against Fighting Deflation …

Easing by the BOJ Seen as Weak Against Fighting Deflation . By CRONKITE – Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:42am – No Comments – 44 views. “ Japan's bond market is signaling the nation's central bank won't succeed in emulating theFederal Reserve … [...]

Japan's central bank joins Fed in easing policy | Business eNews

Japan has been wrestling for years with deflation , or falling prices, which can be a drag on economic growth. The rapid aging of the population has made the effort to break free from the prolonged bout of deflation doubly … [...]

Deflation's Here, and the Downward Spiral Has Started …

Deflation's Here, and the Downward Spiral Has Started. Tuesday … The effects of the economic quandary in Japan and the efforts to restore growth were so misguided that the Japanese are still attempting a recovery. In almost twenty years, … [...]

Pumping It Up |

Popular financial blogger Mish Shedlock has been arguing, correctly, that the US will “go in and out of deflation over a period of years, just like Japan .” Mish defines his terms as follows: Inflation: a net increase in money … [...]

Pumping It Up | NWOTruth

According to Mish, “If one woodenly sticks to the view that inflation and deflation are about prices (while ignoring a devastating collapse in housing), then yes, the US is still in a period of inflation. Likewise, if one foolishly sticks to measures of money supply like M1, M2,.. … In his teachings, Hyman Minsky discussed how Ponzi finance and financial instability distort asset prices and financial markets. With the Fed's incessant QE-Infinity (money printing) practices, our … [...]

Economist's View: Fed Watch: Now We Wait

So the very critical difference between the Japanese situation 15 years ago and the U.S. situation today is that Japan was in deflation ,and, clearly, when you're in deflation and in recession, then both sides of your mandates, … [...]

The Bubble Economy and Debt Deflation | Global Research

money5. Now that the Bubble Economy has given way to debt deflation , the world is discovering the shortcoming of models that fail to explain how most credit creation today (1) inflates asset prices without raising commodity prices or wage levels, and (2) creates a reciprocal flow of debt service. * * *. As published in the World Economic Association's World ….. Minsky , Financial Development and Crisis. Basingstoke, Hampshire UK: Palgrave MacMillan. Stockhammer E … [...] – Japan econ min: govt, BOJ will work as one vs deflation

Japanese Economics Minister Motohisa Furukawa said on Friday the government and the central bank will work as one and act decisively to beat deflation [...]

Steve Keen on Schumpeter, Minsky and Endogenous Money

Steve Keen on Schumpeter, Minsky and Endogenous Money. A great audio talk here by Steve Keen, recently given in New Zealand (in Wellington on 10th September, 2012, if I am not mistaken), on debt deflation , Schumpeter … [...]

What Happened To Greece?

Podcast from 11th June 2012. George is a professional auditor who grew up in Greece and emigrated to the UK. In this episode, he provides a background to the economic crisis in Greece (recorded June 2012). He shares his thoughts on what life is like for ordinary people during the economic deflation and what the prospects are for the [...]