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Deflation: What You Need to Know (and Fear) & How to Prepare for …

The best real world example of deflation comes from Japan , as the economy slipped into such an environment in the early 1990?s and has yet to recover. The central banks attempted to intervene with rate policies and the … [...]

EU crisis: Riots in Spain and Greece

In this edition of the show Max interviews Nicole Foss from theautomaticearth.com. She talks about the ongoing global debt deflation and what’s next for [...]

UBS On The Erosion Of Central Bank Independence …

However, the government ultimately opted to make the tax hike contingent on the prospect of the Japanese economy emerging from its deflationary rut in the fall of 2013. Accordingly, the government is now seen as increasing … [...]

Fisher on Debt Deflation – Social Democracy for the 21st Century

“The Debt- Deflation Theory of Great Depressions,” Econometrica 1.4: 337–357. Raines, J. Patrick and Charles G. Leathers. 2008. Debt, Innovations, and Deflation : The Theories of Veblen, Fisher, Schumpeter and Minsky [...]

Japan approves new stimulus for ailing economy | The Salt Lake …

Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura said Noda told the Cabinet the package was meant to speed up Japan's revitalization and help end a long and debilitating spell of deflation . Friday's decision coincided with news of a … [...]

Japan: Healthy man of Asia

With most of the world's economists pointing out that Japan's years of steady deflation have to be stopped, Asianomics says it's not a worry. “Under current policy settings Japan looks to us like one of the safest places on the … [...]

Deflation Forces Rear Ugly Head, Market Crash Danger by Chris Laird

Then it comes out Wednesday that Draghi stated deflation warnings in the EU, and gold fell as we stated. The point of all this data, and I think especially the Japan export data is that deflationary forces are rearing their [...]

In Greece, deflation and not inflation is the problem. « Real-World …

The analysis of the greek economy, in the above article, is quite right. It is a dying economy wich of course cannot have inflation but only deflation . Despite the fact that the general level of prices is falling, there are however … [...]

Japan approves new stimulus for ailing economy …

Although interest rates remain near zero, the bank could further expand its asset-buying program to convince markets it is determined to break out of Japan's deflationary slump, said Matthew Circosta, an economist with … [...]

Pressure on BOJ to act mounts as deflation persists | Yes, But …

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan remains mired in deflation , price data showed on Friday, piling pressure on the central bank to deliver more stimulus next week to keep the world's third-largest economy from sliding into [...]