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Japan Corporate Sentiment Improves: BOJ Tankan

Japan's long-standing struggle with deflation , i.e. declining prices have led companies to invest abroad as a strong yen weighs on their production costs. Many economists are hoping that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pledge of … [...]

Peter Schiff Walks Back Inflation Prediction Deflation Now Probable

A man who prides himself on his track record needs to be held to [...]

Japanese Retail Sales Disappoint

By: The domestic market in any economy is usually the largest contributor to that nation's GDP figure. Japan has been mired in price deflation since the mid-1990s. Although the deflation has been regarded as … [...]

Japan deflation remains dire despite the new BOJ policy – CME Group Asian Market Update: Japan deflation remains dire despite the new BOJ policy; North Korea on heightened alert after US fly-by. By – Thu 28 Mar 2013 23:10:44 CT Related Keywords: … [...]

Japan factory production unexpectedly much lower, core CPI still …

Japan February preliminary Industrial Production -0.1% m/m (vs. +2.5% expected) Japan February preliminary Industrial Production -11.0% y/y (vs. -8.5% expected) February CPI -0.7% y/y (vs. -0.7% expected) February core … [...]

Japan's deflation lingers, but consumption rises – MarketWatch

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Japanese economic data released Friday showed lingering deflation and a higher jobless rate, though household spending surprised to the upside. The February core consumer price index … [...]

Abeconomics, deflation and the Japan conundrum | Gestaltz

A slight change in focus can produce a profoundly different understanding (by George [...]

Entrenched Deflation Threatens Economic Recovery :: The Market …

They will all repeat the Japanese experience in their own way. A supposedly alternate but in fact related view is that there is no fundamental conflict between inflation and deflation forecasts, there are only different time [...]

Japan: What is Abenomics?

Deflation has dogged Japan for two decades. Shinzo Abe is finally trying to grasp the nettle and do something about it. David Pilling, the FT’s Asia editor, [...]

Epsilon Capital Management Economy Reviews: Stimulus spending only delays chronic deflation

Epsilon Capital Management Economy Reviews The huge fiscal and monetary stimulus dispensed in recent years has staved off the onset of chronic deflation. [...]