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Japan price rise offers hope for deflation end – The Borneo Post Online

SUSTAINABLE ESCAPE: A shop employee raises a placard showing a time-limited sale price in Tokyo. Japan's economy grew an annualised 2.6 per cent in April-June, a third straight quarter of expansion but slower than  … [...]

Speed modeling with Minsky – Steve Keen's Debtwatch – DebtDeflation

The speed with which a few useful modifications can be done to a a model in Minsky reminds me of the old don't try this at home saying. I'd love to [...]

Japan is finally escaping its deflation vortex. But it's not in the clear …

Japan has been struggling to wrest itself free of its deflationary spiral since the 1990s. It looks like may finally be doing that. Prices for consumers grew 0.7% in July—the most they've grown in nearly five years. Here's a look: If  … [...]

Japanese Consumer Prices Increase, Signalling End of Deflation …

After five years of deflation , the price of consumer goods in Japan is on the way up after a series of measures from key policymakers bring an end to deflation [...]

Japan's economy minister Amari Japan deflation Ausgust 2013 …

Japan's economy minister Amari Japang deflation August [...]

Minsky and Hayek: Connections at macroresilience

Hayek only supported the prevention of secondary deflationary spirals. Minsky supported aggressive and early monetary interventions (e.g. lender-of-last-resort programs) as well as fiscal stimulus. However, although Minsky   … [...]

The Japanese Recovery After Deflation – Value Walk

If the US Federal Reserve begins tapering QE in the next few months that should devalue the Yen, helping the recovery, but if the [...]

Japan govt. says country nearing end to deflation, upgrades view on …

The only Sri Lankan newspaper with round the clock news [...]

Japan government says country nearing end to deflation

Japan is approaching an end to deflation , the government said on Thursday, offering its most upbeat view on prices in nearly four years as a steady pick-up in the economy allows more companies to pass on rising costs to  … [...]

$a firms as japan sees end to deflation –

the australian dollar has firmed as japan's economics minister forecast an end to deflation [...]