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Meet the new Japan: It's called Europe. – Quartz

Since it suffered its own real estate boom, bust and financial crisis in the early 1990s, Japan has spent the better part of two decades clawing out of deflationary quicksand. (While deflation —a broad-based decline in price  … [...]

Euroland deflation in sight – and it`s not pretty! | ForexLive

Ryan was brave enough to mention the dreaded `D` word…say it softly; deflation . Say it softly because the very thought of such an event makes one think of the `lost decade` in Japan , yet the ECB by its very own actions,  … [...]

Why the Fed should worry about deflation – The Term Sheet …

And even though Japan has tried hard to end 15 years of deflation , the world's third-largest economy has seen only modest relief. In August, U.S. inflation rose just above its slowest pace at an annual pace to 1.2% — below the  … [...]

Peter Surda Talks About The Economics Of Bitcoin – Deflation

Since Bitcoin is a technology that enables a new type of currency never seen before (a digital currency that behaves like a commodity currency) traditional [...]

Abeconomics, Takahashi and Japan's deflation | Gestaltz

Kikuo Iwata, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan , has made some significant comments at a symposium in honour of Korekiyo Takahashi (http://bit.ly/1aatxII) the architect of Japan's recovery from the Great [...]

Transcript: Technology and Growth, the Business Cycle, Minsky and …

A relatively low-income, high-unemployment, stagnant recession to uncertain depth and duration will follow a debt- deflation process. Minsky completed Keynes. The theory that business cycles and fluctuations are a function  … [...]

Japan consumer prices rise, raising hope for end of deflation …

Japan's inflation rate edged further up in September, raising hopes within the government it is winning its war on decades of falling prices. But economists warn the figures are still too weak to call out a [...]

Japan says winning war on deflation – Rappler

A key inflation indicator touches a 5-year high as proof its 'Abenomics' growth blitz was winning the war on falling [...]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Europe deflationary trap ECB 23 October …

Europe is sliding into a deflationary trap, displacing Japan as the world's epicentre of policy error. The effect is already causing debt ratios in half a dozen countries to ratchet upwards to the point of no return, making a mockery  … [...]

When Hyman Minsky Runs For The Hills: Japan Central Bank To …

One look at the chart below, which shows JPM's estimate for various central bank holdings as a percent of host nation GDP, is enough to explain why that distant giggling is Hyman Minsky warming up… and he is running for the hills. …. The Bank of Japan will aim to double the monetary base over two years through the aggressive purchase of long-term bonds, in a dramatic shift aimed at ridding Japan of the deflation that has dogged the country for almost two [...]