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Japan wins another battle over deflation but BOJ action still likely in …

Inflation figures from Japan showed a general picture of an advance: prices, which already began rising, have accelerated and sometimes came [...]

AS AD policy Debt deflation and hysteresis Youtube Maniac Info

Some argue against debt as an instrument and institution, on a personal, family, social, corporate and governmental level. Islam forbids lending with [...]

A Simple Chart Illustrating Why Japan Style Deflation Is Now More …

Here's one simple chart which illustrates why I think Japan style deflation is now more or less inevitable in Spain. Curiously it comes from the Ministry of Employment. It illustrates the relation between the movement in average  … [...]

Japan: inflation is not a sensible policy | Andrew Smithers – Blogs

But deflation and inflation show how misleading this tendency to generalise can be. Today deflation is a danger for the eurozone, but not for Japan . Deflation can cause problems, but not always. As I pointed out in my previous  … [...]

How to amuse and misinform (with charts) | Historinhas

Japan's relatively slow growth is the result of demography, not deflation . Japan grew slowly after its stock market collapsed in 1990. Prices rose to 1998 and then fell as inflation gave way to deflation. While prices rose the  … [...]

Japan: the confusion at the heart of Abenomics | Andrew Smithers

Abenomics – the policy endorsed by Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister – aims to raise the country's growth by getting rid of deflation . It is based on two myths. The first is that the economy has done badly and the  … [...]

Japan Cabinet Office deflationary pressure economy 25 February …

Japan Cabinet Office data shows deflationary pressure in the Japanese economy shows signs of receding 25 February [...]

What next: Inflation or Deflation? Get ready for inflation – Economics Futurist Keynote Speaker

What is the greatest threat to our future: inflation or deflation? What should we expect? Inflationary boom or deflationary bust or more economic cycles of [...]

What Is Deflation In Economics?

Thanks for Watching. Like and [...]

How deflation/low inflation situations are different in US, Japan and …

Though Europe has to prevent itself from becoming another Japan . For Japan , it has to continue to make efforts to come out if its nearly 25 year mess: There is far too much angst about the possibility of deflation in the [...]