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What the Bank of Japan's stimulus shocker means for the global …

“Now is a critical moment for Japan to emerge from deflation ,” Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko Kuroda told reporters Friday, adding that signs of economic recovery have been clouded by global uncertainty, falling oil [...]

US Now Importing the World's Deflation – DollarCollapse.com

Japan's public retirement-savings manager will put half its holdings in local and foreign stocks and start investing in alternative assets as the world's biggest pension fund seeks higher returns. The 127.3 trillion yen [...]

Japan's quantitative easing: A bigger bazooka | The Economist

In recent weeks, economists had started to question Mr Kuroda's oft-stated commitment to banishing Japan's entrenched deflationary psychology. They suggested that the bank's formerly conservative mindset might even [...]

On deflation, Japan, the West and ideology – IB Economics

Deflation features prominently in the IB Economics syllabus (Discuss the possible consequences of deflation , including high levels of cyclical unemployment and bankruptcies) and given what has been going on [...]

Grand Central: Behind BOJ's Halloween Treat, A Scary Slip Back …

Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda's surprise big-bang easing Friday was prompted by a frank admission that his historic bid to pull Japan out of deflation had reached a “critical moment” and was losing [...]

How deflation would affect European markets | Financial Post

Europe's struggle with deflation has had a negative impact on capital markets this autumn, but it could get even worse for investors if European price levels continue to fall like in Japan in the 1990s, says a new report [...]

Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Where? Fed Falling Behind

Japan -style deflation across the Eurozone is no longer an outrageous thought. As you can see from chart 1, there is a close link between CPI and demographics. That has certainly been the case in Japan and I don't see [...]

Japan finance minister Aso weaken yen deflation 24 October 2014 …

Japan finance minister Aso: Not aiming to weaken yen, aiming to get of deflation 24 October [...]

Are You Prepared for a Rare Economic Deflation?

http://www.elliottwave.com/r.asp?rcn=ytvideos1403&url=http://www.elliottwave.com/free_newsletters/free_newsletters-ind.aspx In 2002, Conquer the Crash was [...]

Calafia Beach Pundit: Still no signs of deflation

Japan's problems over the years are commonly attributed to deflation , but that ignores completely the fact that Japan's fiscal policies have been abysmally bad for decades (e.g., way too much government spending). Deflation [...]