October 2020
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We are in the midst of the most important economic and health crisis for a century on a global scale.

Are we tackling the crisis in the correct manner? One of the factors that seldom is considered is what happens if we do too much to try to stop the virus? Are the consequences of that even greater than doing nothing?

Where are the voices of the elderly in the media, I for one have not seen one. I would love to see a simple question given to everyone over 80 years of age around the globe.

What would you prefer?

- A world where you live but you live the rest of your life in an economic depression and your children and grandchildren have a chance to be impoverished.


- A world where you have a 10% chance of passing away from COVID-19 but the economy does not tank and your children and grandchildren are largely unneffected.

I’m only guessing, but I reckon most of the elderly population would prefer the second option.

Are we as a society wrecking everything to keep alive people who would prefer not to end their lives living in an economic depression. It seems nonsensical.

This virus will make it’s path through our species, slow medium or otherwise. The great trade-off is that of jobs versus lives. If we suffer 20% unemployment for several years and save most of the elderly is that victory? We cannot have it both ways, there is not a middle ground.

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