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edutianment – Learn about Invisible Hand, Booms and Bust, Inflation and Deflation like never before

This video consists of first 12 mins of 2.5 hour 3D movie ( economic jungle) which is designed to be most innovative, effective and efficient way to learn macroeconomics. Here, the learner would meet real avatars of economic theories such as Invisible hand, Keynes, Freidman, Capitalism, Communism; be face to face with the economic problems such as inflation and unemployment; with key economic stakeholders such as government, central bank, financial intermediaries, firms, household Learner will see how these theories ,concepts, problems, stakeholders live together and interact with each other in this jungle The story will revolve around basic truth of human behavior ie self interest , greed & fear and will explain it’s link with economy’s natural equilibrium and disequilibrium ie booms and busts. To provide practical value to this imaginary fable, we have superimposed biggest economic fiasco of this century ie US subprime crisis in it to explain how it happened and its linkages with human behavior ie greed and fear, economic theories and its manifestation in movements of natural equilibrium of economy. Overall, A pearl of practical intelligence that would make learner not only understand world economics but also love [...]

eduNirvana Economic Jungle Promo

A 2.5 hour learning material called economic Jungle. It is the first ever 3D interactive, intuitive, engaging, and contextual learning material on economics, which gives you holistic and relevant insight of economics + practical values + entertainment too! This is edutainment for you. [...]