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Piketty: Europe should learn lesson from Japan on deflation

French Economist, Thomas Piketty said Europe should learn from Japan that monetary policy alone can't prevent the economy entering deflation [...]

Why Quantitative Easing (QE) May Lead to Deflation | Global …

Nearly a decade after Japan's central bank first experimented with the policy, the country remains mired in deflation , a general decline in wages and prices that has crippled its economy. ***. The BOJ began doing [...]

The Bank Of Japan Is Battling An Entrenched 'Deflation Mindset …

TOKYO (Reuters) – Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda does not need to convince Japanese people like Kazue Shibata that deflation brings problems, but getting them to believe that higher prices will make [...]

Will negative interest rates help the Eurozone avoid deflation? | Nouse

The experiences of Japan in the 1990s may have seemed a far cry from conditions in the Eurozone prior to the financial crisis. However since then concerns of Japanese -style deflation harming economic recovery led [...]

The Federal Reserve Versus Hyman Minsky (and Deflation) | naked …

How the Fed has gotten itself caught in its own underwear by ignoring Hyman Minsky [...]

Europe suffering from deflation pressures that resulted directly from …

Europe is in the clasp of the deflationary forces that resulted directly from its inane handling of the Eurozone crisis. … What about Hyman Minsky's proposal to use government as employer of last resort? Imagine [...]

Abenomics Crushes Japan's Middle Class—Yet Its Attack On Phony …

And they're whacking the hapless Japanese middle clareligion of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ilk whose “bold” and “courageous” actions have been touted with blinding exuberance around the world, are coming home to roost. And they're whacking the hapless Japanese middle class … It's an idiocy to call this, as it is often done even in the ever so respectable mainstream media, a “ deflation spiral.” Japanese consumers are were among the few in [...]

BOJ Stands Pat, Decides Not To Do Anymore To Fight Deflation …

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Bank of Japan stuck to its existing monetary stimulus on Tuesday, confident that it did not need further support measures to beat chronic deflation even as a sales tax hike clouds the [...]

Why Minsky Matters | New Economic Perspectives

minsky American economist Hyman Minsky died in 1996, but his theories offer one of the most compelling explanations of the 2008 financial crisis. His key idea is simple enough to be a t-shirt slogan: “Stability is [...]

Deflation and debt, strange lessons from Japan » Soaar

I must say that it was the obsession longtime Ben Bernanke that the central bank presided until January had said in 2003 that garnered much attention on how to fight against deflation speech. But it is in Japan that this fight [...]