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Euro Zone Deflation Risk

Europe seemed to be in better economic shape but Eurozone inflation is back at the worryingly low levels. Patrice Muller, London [...]

Jim Grant Defines Deflation | Zero Hedge

so Japan has had a HUGE deflation going on 25 years now and during the bulk of that time they have monetized the debt on a truly massive scale and it has failed to stem the deflation . obviously times have changed when  … [...]

Sober Look: Draghi will act to avoid deflationary spiral

The Eurozone is facing a growing risk of deflation – similar to Japan . Once the inflation rate in Japan fell below 1%, the external shock of the Asian currency crisis (late 90s) sent Japan into a deflationary spiral – something the … [...]

Robert Wenzel on the parallels of Soviet Russia and modern day America

Subscribe to our newsletter at http://www.goldmoney.com/goldresearch. On behalf of the GoldMoney Foundation, Andy Duncan interviews Robert Wenzel at the [...]

Sober Look: BOJ's money printing is offset by households' cash …

The Bank of Japan has been battling deflationary pressures and strong currency for years. Since the beginning of 2007, the yen has strengthened some 34% against the dollar, making Japanese goods more expensive and … [...]

Seemorerocks: China on the cusp of a deflationary vortex

Meanwhile, Japanese machine tool orders fell 14.8pc in May, the biggest drop since 2001 – when Japan's deflation began in earnest. The post-Fukushima reconstruction boom has run its course. Asia is turning stone [...]

Sober Look: Japan fighting deflation with an aggressive QE policy

The purchases are starting to have some impact, as Japan is slowly pulling out of its nasty deflationary hole. The latest CPI (ex food and energy) is still negative, but not nearly as bad as it was a couple of years [...]

CapitalistImperialistPig: Deflationary Universe

The Bank of Japan , after decades of deflationary engineering, and with Japan increasing laboring under a larger debt to GDP than Greece, has taken a very modest step in that direction, saying they will target a 1% inflation … [...]

Durruti's flames: Debt: Portugal's Minsky Moment?

… are reducing consumption. By the time the country is globally competitive, it may be too [...]