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Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues – The …

Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues, economy, investing, James Corbett, Bob Chapman, money, Fed, US Markets, politics, gold, sliver, wall [...]

Nasdaq And Lessons From Japan | S O L A R C Y C L E S

BUT, Japan did make some 'mistakes', in belatedly adopting QE, and only keeping loose monetary policy once the economy entered periods of deflation , withdrawing once back into inflation. I say 'mistakes', because that is  … [...]

Consumer Prices Rise in Japan, Signalling Possible End to Deflation

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made falling prices one of the government's top targets, with a series of anti- deflation measures aimed at curbing [...]

For the time being—and maybe a while longer—Japan is stuck with …

Despite a new batch of promising data out of Japan on Friday, deflation —a key part of the destructive economic spiral that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to reverse—stubbornly persisted. Core consumer prices fell … [...]

Coppola Comment: Inflation, deflation and QE

A look at the inflation path for the period 2001-2006, when Japan was doing QE, doesn't suggest a close relationship between QE and inflation. Historical Data Chart The initial impact seems to have been deflation , though … [...]

NewsDaily: Japan seen nominating "deflation basher" as BOJ head …

Japan's prime minister is likely to nominate an advocate of aggressive monetary easing – Asian Development Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda – as the next central bank governor to step up his fight to finally rid the country of … [...]

Japan stuck in deflation, December data show – MarketWatch

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Japanese retail prices fell further in December, as the core consumer price index — which excludes volatile fresh-food prices — fell 0.2% from a year earlier, [...]

- Bank of Japan's governor Shirakawa says see no … – RANsquawk

Japan's finance minister Maehara says October 30th joint statement by Bank of Japan , government sets obligation for both sides to each take specific steps to beat deflation . – Bank of Japan's governor Shirakawa says see no … [...]

IMF Presses Japan on Deflation | Global WordPress Themes – News

The International Monetary Fund said that the Japanese government and central bank must do more to combat deflation , but expressed sympathy for Tokyo's [...]

Bitter Feud at ECB over Monetary Policy; BOE to Expand Stimulus …

Bitter Feud at ECB over Monetary Policy; BOE to Expand Stimulus; Japan's Great Deflation ; Will the US Follow? …. After 20+ years of deflation fighting tactics, Japan has nothing to show for its deflation fighting efforts but massive public [...]