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The Japanese Deflation Myth and the Yen's Slump :: The Mises …

Mises Daily Monday by Brendan Brown The Japanese government claims it's still fighting deflation , although there are no signs of it in Japan [...]

Why the US is not at risk of a Japan-style deflation – Calafia Beach …

Concerns about the risk of a ” Japan -style deflation ” in the U.S. are once again heating up, as the Fed prepares to taper its bond purchases, something that's very likely to happen either this month or next. The worry—echoed in  … [...]

Deflation Nation: Surreal "Slow Motion" Societal Collapse

http://www.forbes.com/sites/afontevecchia/2013/05/16/to-taper-or-not-to-taper-two-months-of-deflation-pressure-bernanke-as-stocks-approach-hyper-drive/ Is [...]

Mike Norman Economics: Lars Syll — Sweden hit by deflation

… neoclassical economics has nothing to offer in way of solving the problems that it brings along – and why it is so important to get hold of the insights that Fisher, Keynes, Minsky and Krugman have given us on debt- deflation … [...]

world crisis : bank of japan….. deflation basher kuroda? – juan carlos …


NAKED KEYNESIANISM: Ramblings on 21st century macroeconomics

The interpretation of what the “new” macro for the 21st century should be is basically New Keynesian price/wage rigidities models cum debt- deflation (the finance and Minsky part). But even the understanding of debt- deflation … [...]

Sober Look: BOJ's money printing is offset by households' cash …

The Bank of Japan has been battling deflationary pressures and strong currency for years. Since the beginning of 2007, the yen has strengthened some 34% against the dollar, making Japanese goods more expensive and … [...]

Macronomics: Credit – Structural Instability

The great Hyman Minsky thesis was “stability leads to instability”, we would argue that dwindling liquidity and excessive spread tightening in core quality credit spreads courtesy of zero interest rates policy in both the US and Europe is extremely concerning and are already indicative of a great build up in ….. Labels: Argentina, credit, CreditSights, deflation , deflationary environment, ECB, instability, Loan-to-deposit, Minsky , Minsky Theory, Siemens, Spain, ZIRP … [...]

Sector Financial Balances as a Diagnostic Check

So did others using this approach, like MMT economist Randy Wray who combined Godley's method of analysis with Hyman Minsky's . Ann Pettifor also predicted an impending debt deflationary episode in 2003 and again in … [...]

Japan spending down as deflation persists

Japan spending down as deflation persists. Japanese unemployment inched up and household spending fell more sharply than expected in January, latest government data showed, but analysts said the nation's economic recovery was still … [...]