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Krugman still thinking about Sweden — and still only gets it partly …

A ' Minsky moment' actually doesn't seem to be that far away, and we may sooner than we think face a deflationary house price spiral driving the economy to a classic Fisher-Keynes- Minsky debt deflation crisis. And this is [...]

Deflation in Greece | Real-World Economics Review Blog

Dynamite Prize · Dynamite Prize in economics · economic journals · Economic Thought · economics profession · ethics · Minsky · neoclassical economics · Real World Economics Movement · revere award · Revolving-Door  … [...]

A Prescription for Halting Deflation – Sylff

“Real or structural problems in the Japanese economy, like higher oil prices that have little to do with the currency system, can't be addressed with monetary policy,” Hamada noted. “However, since deflation and the yen's … [...]

Demand Side Blog: L. Randal Wray observes "As Global Growth …

( It more-or-less followed the format of the long-running Levy- Minsky conferences held each April in New York. Unlike most academic conferences, these Minsky …. Through painful deflationary policies to keep wages in check, assisted by the fortune of the fall of the Berlin Wall that brought in waves of low wage and high skilled East Germans to the labor force. And so now Germany chastises the hapless Greeks, … [...]

Steve Keen on Minsky – Social Democracy for the 21st Century

Steve Keen on Minsky . Steve Keen is interviewed below on Capital Account, and speaks on a number of issues, including Minsky and debt deflation . The interview begins at [...]

Prychitko on Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis (FIH)

… been constructed by economists in the past are therefore not necessarily incompatible with each other,” it would seem that Austrians could accept Irving Fisher's debt deflation theory of depressions or even Hyman Minsky's … [...]

Ekonomi Penceresi: The Importance of Minsky, Marx and …

However, Minsky (1986) points that '' the size of the margins of safety determines whether a financial structure is fragile or robust and in turn reflects the ability of units to absorb shortfalls of cash receipts without triggering a debt deflation [...]

Smith on Deflation in Japan: It's Not Always a Bad Thing « Real …

Nicholas Smith, economist at CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets Ltd. in Tokyo, has shared his thoughts on Japan's deflation in his recent report titled “Does Deflation Even Matter?” which is the total opposite of the arguments of Nobel … [...]

Peter Schiff vs Robert Creamer: Stagnating Wages and the Distribution of Increased Productivity

Alex Merced breaks down the arguments of Peter Schiff and Robert Creamer in their recent debate. The Actual Debate: Richard Wolfe Capitalism Hits the Fan: Deflation and Liberty by Jorg Guido Hulsmann: The Economics of Deflation: Free Markets in Europe: [...]

China's dilemma: Higher inflation or deflation of exportables | vox

But significant and persistent deflation in exportable goods prices comes at a price. Just by glancing at the Japanese experience as reported in Table 1, it is clear that persistent deflation of the exportable goods was … [...]