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GaveKal Capital: Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer …

Excluding Tax Increase, Japanese Consumer Prices Are Already Back in Deflation . The recent sales tax increase in Japan is wreaking havoc with price statistics, making year-over-year comparisons basically [...]

AS AD policy Debt deflation and hysteresis Youtube Maniac Info

Some argue against debt as an instrument and institution, on a personal, family, social, corporate and governmental level. Islam forbids lending with [...]

$a firms as japan sees end to deflation – www.thebull.com.au

the australian dollar has firmed as japan's economics minister forecast an end to deflation [...]

Ending deflation in Japan: Waging a new war

On March 5th Seven & i Holdings, owner of the 7-Eleven convenience-store chain and Japan's largest retailer, gathered some of its employees at the Yokohama Arena baseball stadium for an announcement. It would, it said, pay 54000 of … [...]

boj nominee vows to conquer deflation – www.thebull.com.au

Japan has been beset by deflation since the 1990s. It continues to hurt the economy as falling prices lead consumers to put off purchases in the hopes of paying less later and cuts into corporate profits, leading firms to slash … [...]

Japan: Worse than a deflationary trap

Pummeled by a strong currency and two decades of deflation , Japanese companies are shifting production to China and elsewhere. Japan's industrial core is eroding and threatened with being hollowed out, as happened in … [...]

What Are the Bond Markets Telling Us? | ASXnewbie.com

What if the UK, US and European economies are actually going the same way as Japan ? If that's the case, and we're facing low economic growth and falling prices ( deflation ), then bond yields could go even lower. Is this the outcome that … [...]

Japan fighting deflation with an aggressive QE policy | Zumoit

Japan fighting deflation with an aggressive QE policy. Tweet. Zumoit is a news feed which gives the reader a better notion without having to go through different platforms. Our job is to take you to the right and most convenient … [...]

The Bonddad Blog: Japan, Deflation and Some Very Bad Charts …

Japan , Deflation and Some Very Bad Charts And Numbers. This chart is by far the most important piece of information about Japan : inflation – or, more specifically, the lack thereof. While no one wants hyper-inflation, some … [...]

Revised Data Shows Deflation Remains in Japan | Economics …

Revised Data Shows Deflation Remains in Japan . at 9:28 AM. Japanese consumer price inflation have been downwardly revised, pushing down the 12-month increase near zero again, with the number excluding energy prices being below … [...]