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Minsky is having another moment | George Cooper

This was not a new insight, both Keynes and Fisher had made the observation previously with, respectively, their 'paradox of thrift' and 'debt deflation ' theories. Minsky just explained that there was also a mirror [...]

Bank of Japan Moves to Fight Deflation – New York Times | Thunder …

Moneycontrol.comBank of Japan Moves to Fight DeflationNew York TimesTOKYO — The Bank of Japan set an ambitious 2 percent inflation target and pledged to ease monetary policy “decisively” by introducing open-ended asset purchases, … [...]

China's Long Deflation | Gold News

'Because of the serious imbalances China is much more like Japan in the late 1980s, with the major difference being that Japan never took debt, investment and consumption imbalances to anywhere near the levels that … [...]

Japan Lacking Fiscal Plan May Be Deflation Cause, Shirakawa …

Japan's absence of “concrete reform plans” for the nation's finances may be contributing to deflation and sluggish economic growth by discouraging spending by the public, central bank Governor Masaaki Shirakawa [...]

Sponsorship & the Debtwatch Manifesto | Steve Keen's Debtwatch

Membership Level, Number of Members, Annual Payment, Total. Supporter, 183, $2, $366. Keen, 107, $10, $1070. Schumpeter, 12, $50, $600. [...]

Inflation or Deflation?

Inflation or Deflation? That is the question. More at Be sure not to miss a related video, “Merle Hazard Meets John Taylor.” Taylor is a Stanford University economist, and creator of the “Taylor Rule.” For classroom use, this “alt” version is best [...]