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5 things to know about deflation | Living | Rock Hill Herald Online

Simply “printing” money is not an automatic cure for deflation – Japan has been trying to cure its deflationary economy for more than a decade, most recently by aggressively having its central bank buy Japanese [...]

Calafia Beach Pundit: Still no signs of deflation

Japan's problems over the years are commonly attributed to deflation , but that ignores completely the fact that Japan's fiscal policies have been abysmally bad for decades (e.g., way too much government spending). Deflation [...]

Is the Euro the New Yen? | ETF Trends

The case for Japan's equity market in late 2012 and 2013 started when the central bank provided huge levels of monetary support to rid Japan of deflation . This action led to a much weaker yen, which in turn contributed to [...]

Mike Norman Economics: Steve Keen — Mun iteration of Minsky …

The “Mun” iteration of Minsky , the Open Source system dynamics program with special features to handle monetary modeling, is now available at SourceForge. DebtWatch. Mun iteration of Minsky now available. Steve [...]

Japan ETFs: BOJ's Aggressive Plan to End Deflation | ETF Trends

It has been hardly four months since Japan elected Shinzo Abe as prime minister, yet market participants have clearly placed their bets behind Mr. Abe's plans to resuscitate Japan's economy from the grip of deflation and slow … [...]

Japan's Abe Pledges More Spending to Curb Deflation

The frontrunner to become Japan's next prime minister said he would consider loosening some of Japan's fiscal discipline policies, in defiance of warnings by credit raters to curb borrowing by the world's most indebted … [...]

AFP — Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde

Japan's chronic problem with deflation is due to a low participation rate. Put those lazy retired people back to work, and tell women to forget about childrearing and get a real job that pays money. Ain't neoliberalism [...]

Easing by the BOJ Seen as Weak Against Fighting Deflation …

Easing by the BOJ Seen as Weak Against Fighting Deflation . By CRONKITE – Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:42am – No Comments – 44 views. “ Japan's bond market is signaling the nation's central bank won't succeed in emulating theFederal Reserve … [...]

Daily Kos: A 2012 Victory Won't Bring Back the Economy: Only a …

This debate ignores the big elephant in the room; the millions of people underwater defrauded into mortgage debt and other private debt chaining them to their deflating assets with no sufficient income prospects added up and compounded …… of it) and mixed it with Irving Fischer's debt deflation hypothesis and Minsky's Financial Instability Hypothesis and that is where we see Steve Keen and Michael Hudson coming from today with their own contributions of [...]

Steve Keen on Minsky – Social Democracy for the 21st Century

Steve Keen on Minsky . Steve Keen is interviewed below on Capital Account, and speaks on a number of issues, including Minsky and debt deflation . The interview begins at [...]