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Peter Schiff Says Deflation Is Great (& Doesn’t Understand Difference With Price Compression)

Peter Schiff once again demonstrates his economic illiteracy by comparing cell phone & laptop prices with staple prices. Prices of cell phones and laptops are not dropping due to deflation, they are dropping due to price compression mainly from technological advances. Why does this primitive ape think the US government introduced the concepts of ‘hedonics’, quality and substitute bias into inflation calculations – no, it’s not to fudge inflation data – it’s to properly balance out apples to orange calculations across different product categories. Despite Japan’s lost 2 decades as an example, this nincompoop still maintains that deflation is great for economies. www.businessweek.com www.nytimes.com www.nytimes.com [...]

Europac Clown Peter Schiff Tells Max Keiser That Economic Growth = +Production = Deflation

China proves him 110% wrong. Again. The only time in the past decade where there was deflation in China was during 2009 when manufacturing and industrial output [...]

Economic Illiterate Peter Schiff’s Insane ‘Deflation Is Good’ Argument Debunked Again

An interesting perspective on deflation from Robert Pollin of PERI. The clip also ends with a nice quirk – interviewer Paul Jay says “The question is what you people at home do – and its to start to understand economics.” Right on the button, Paul – the reason why the US is in this mess is because of a mass of uneducated economic illiterates following other economic illiterates like Peter Schiff around like the bubonic plague. Its also painfully obvious that Paul Jay, an investigative journalist, after listening to economic experts during interviews and actually doing some decent research on the subject, is quantum light years ahead of economic illiterates like Peter Schiff, in knowledge, understanding and interpretation of deflation. From the New York Times article “Japan – From Dynamic To Disheartened”, explaining the effects of deflation, which Robert Pollin describes in the clip, and which economic illiterate Peter Schiff thinks is such good [...]