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Chinese and Japanese Deflationary Economies | James Hall …

The global economy has just hit the wall. Do not underestimate the significance of the Asian downturn. Japan saw a dramatic rebirth after WWII and China was transformed into an industrial powerhouse from the “Free [...]

How to amuse and misinform (with charts) | Historinhas

Japan's relatively slow growth is the result of demography, not deflation . Japan grew slowly after its stock market collapsed in 1990. Prices rose to 1998 and then fell as inflation gave way to deflation. While prices rose the  … [...]

Should the European Union Emulate Japan's Inflationary Monetary …

For many years now Japan has been plagued by deflation , which has retarded its economic growth; since 1981 the average annual growth of Japanese GDP has been only 2.1 percent. Deflation implies that the value of … [...]

Deflation: What Can You Do About It? – Seeking Alpha

Not only is this a slippery slope to deflation , it sounds familiar to a nation which has been overrun by deflation for over 10 years – Japan . Another major problem with this “deleveraging” frame of mind is that incentives become  … [...]

EcPoFi – Economics, Politics, Finance: Government's Monetary and …

Larger and more frequent interventions become necessary to fend off debt deflations and recessions. Minsky correctly criticized neo-classical economics for largely minimizing the impact that financial markets can have on … [...]

American Kabuki: "The Bank of Japan has also been taken over and …

The Government and the Bank share the recognition that the critical challenge for Japan's economy is to overcome deflation as early as possible and to return to a sustainable growth path with price stability. The Government … [...]

Poli 610:Macro-economic theory and policy after Keynes and the …

It examines in close detail the problems of inflation, deflation ,public finance, unemployment, recession,depression, stagflation and economic growth in the light of the work of John Maynard Keynes and his interpreters, co-creators and …. Hyman Minsky , John Maynard Keynes (N.Y.:McGraw Hill, 2008); Stabilizing an Unstable Economy(N.Y.:McGraw Hill, 2008); Can it Happen again:Essays on Instability and Finance (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E.Sharpe, 1982); R.Dimand, The … [...]

Effective demand, liquidity traps and debt deflation « Michael …

From that debt deflation (Fisher-style), the liquidity trap and the Keynesian multiplier emerge. And this provides a “rationale for expansionary fiscal policy”. Krugman called it a Fisher- Minsky ,Koo approach to the crisis, although … [...]

Loan scheme limited in impact / BOJ admits … – News on Japan

In a bid to demonstrate its strong intention to ending deflation , the Bank of Japan decided Tuesday to expand a program designed to encourage financial institutions to approve more low-interest rate loans for companies with growth [...]

Bank of England, inflation good deflation bad? (26Feb12)

Bank Of England’s Monetary Policy Committee member Paul Fisher claims that inflation is okay, deflation is bad. The fact that there is so much fake money [...]