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Minsky's Theory of Asset Prices: Why Minsky Was NOT a Neo …

On a recent blogpost that I wrote there was some confusion in the comments section regarding Hyman Minsky's theories and their relationship to the phenomenon of rising asset prices. I have seen this confusion made many times … The money that was used to purchase them — whether debt financed or not — was a residual; an important residual, as Ponzi debts might lead to asset price deflations , but still a residual. In these theories debt does not cause anything  … [...]

Why the US is not at risk of a Japan-style deflation – Calafia Beach …

Concerns about the risk of a ” Japan -style deflation ” in the U.S. are once again heating up, as the Fed prepares to taper its bond purchases, something that's very likely to happen either this month or next. The worry—echoed in  … [...]

Your Burning Planet – Saudi/Syria Connection, 2013 Elections, Deflation

Look behind the news! In this episode: the Saudi/Syria connection, Libertarian Robert Sarvis makes a good showing in VA, and evidence of economic [...]

Japan: Printing Up Miracles And Mirages – Seeking Alpha

There are numerous explanations as to what has caused Japan's persistent deflation , and depending on what view one takes as to the underlying causes, it can be understood as either benign (or rather, I would argue,  … [...]

Activist Post: Some Questions about Deflation

Japan , according to Bloomberg “has been battling deflation for more than a decade, with the average annual 0.3 percent decline in prices since 2000 damaging economic growth”. The New York Times reports that Japan's … [...]

Bank of Japan's Shirakawa, Boosting QE Against Non – FatCat

Against mounting evidence to the contrary, QE is still seen by some central bankers and more politicians as the elixir that can not only reverse deflation (considered to be Japan's problem, though some, including I, question … [...]

Jubilee! | Economic Undertow

Toil has produced the requisite 1000 words and time will tell whether it will appear @ URPE or not. If not I will post it here (I will post it here, regardless). Here are Professor Keen's 1000 words: Steve Keen (Debt Deflation ) … behind this correlation is that money is created “endogenously” when the banking sector creates loans, and this newly created money adds to aggregate demand—as argued by non-orthodox economists from Schumpeter through to Minsky [...]

Ekonomi Penceresi: The Importance of Minsky, Marx and …

However, Minsky (1986) points that '' the size of the margins of safety determines whether a financial structure is fragile or robust and in turn reflects the ability of units to absorb shortfalls of cash receipts without triggering a debt deflation [...]

M.L.V: ??? ???? ??????????..financial theory: Hyman Minsky

McCulley also points out that human nature is inherently pro-cyclical, meaning, in Minsky's words, that “from time to time, capitalist economies exhibit inflations and debt deflations which seem to have the potential to spin out of control. In such … [...]

NewsDaily: Insight: Valentine's Day mission gives BOJ new …

So the BOJ very deliberately sent investors and politicians the signal they have been waiting for — that it was ready to deploy unconventional weaponry to lead Japan out of deflation . “When you set a goal, you have to show … [...]