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Datawatch: deflation in Japan | FT Data – Blogs – Financial Times

Ordinarily, nominal gross domestic product grows faster than real GDP, but the deflation that followed Japan's lost decade reversed this and led to both a fall in private consumption and a rise in the country's public [...]

Growth and Inflation In America: Why Deflation Is Knocking at the …

I don't track growth and inflation rates for Japan and the Euro zone, but it seems highly likely that the deflationary pressures in Japan for more than a decade and in the Euro zone recently are a direct result of prolonged [...]

How Will Gold Respond to Global Deflation? | Clif Droke …

With economies slowing down in China, Japan , Eastern Europe and other regions of the globe, many investors wonder if 2014 will deliver another global deflationary epidemic. As I'll explain in this commentary, the next [...]

Bernard's Top 10: China's 'Minsky Moment' of morally hazardous …

Bernard's Top 10: China's ' Minsky Moment' of morally hazardous truth; Stephen Grenville says Australia and NZ should merge; Fighting yesterday's inflation battle tomorrow; Clarke and Dawe; Dilbert ….. Hugh Grant on fire; Ambrose is back; How supply side economics failed; Cartoons galore; Dilbert · Thursday's Top 10 with NZ Mint: NZ's dangerous debt spiral; A war to fix America's depression?; McKinsey's 'corrupted culture'; What so bad about deflation ; [...]

Japan's manufacturing rises; Little change in 15-year long deflation

Irish/Ireland Business News, Internationa, Global, World, European Union, Financial Information – Irish Finance and Business Portal – providing Irish, European and global market information including mortgages, pensions, … [...]

Japan: Inflation, Deflation Or Bond Crash? – Seeking Alpha

Japan has had persistent mild deflation for most of the last decade. Along with the deflation has been over a decade of slow to no growth. As we all know, prime minister Shinzo Abe and new Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko … [...]

Preparedness | Michael Ashton | Safehaven.com

St. Louis Federal Reserve President Bullard today told an audience at the Hyman Minsky Conference in New York that it is “too early” to worry about deflation . That statement must hit most readers of this column as hysterically … [...]

Thursday's Top 10 with NZ Mint: Japan's war on deflation starts …

New Zealand's most popular independent financial site, interest.co.nz Helping you make financial [...]

Japan escapes major criticism for recent efforts to end their …

The much anticipated G-20 meeting of Finance Ministers produced little of note. Japan escaped any major criticism for its recent efforts to end is deflationary cycle, and members simply agreed to not to target their exchange … [...]

Bill Gross: Economy is headed for credit supernova

Minsky's concept, developed nearly a half century ago shortly after the explosive decoupling of the dollar from gold in 1971, was primarily a cyclically contained model that acknowledged recession and then rejuvenation once the system's leverage had been reduced. …. (1) Position for eventual inflation: The end stage of a supernova credit explosion is likely to produce more inflation than growth, and more chances of inflation as opposed to deflation . In bonds, buy … [...]