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Deflation Is Winning (And Central Banks Are Running Scared) | Zero …

Bernanke was referring to the deflationary pressures Japan had been dealing with for more than a decade. In the article, Bernanke laid out a game plan for how the Fed would respond if the US ever faced deflationary [...]

Don't be afraid of deflation | Edward Hadas – Reuters

They identified 73 five-year periods of price decline and found “virtually no evidence” of any link between deflation and decreased output. The record of contemporary Japan – often cited as an example of the dangers of  … [...]

Japan approves record budget and drops 'deflation' from key …

The Japanese cupboard approved a file substantial spending budget for the subsequent financial year on Tuesday as component of the primary [...]

Japan OKs Record Budget, Sees Deflation Threat Recede (AFP)

Japan approved its biggest ever budget Tuesday, as an improving economy and a sales tax hike made room for more defence spending and the first step towards achieving a balanced budget. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's  … [...]

Momentum Strategies Report: Has Japan finally turned the corner?

After more than 20 years of deflation , Japan appears finally to have turned a corner. The country's benchmark Nikkei 225 Index has risen for three consecutive months – its longest rally since 1959. Japan's new Prime Minister, … [...]

The Bonddad Blog: Deflationary recessions are different

But what about a debt- deflationary driven recession, such as described by Prof. Irving Singer or Hyman Minsky as an explanation for the Great Depression? In that case, deflation isn't a positive, but a negative, and the deeper … [...]

Mr. Media® 2: Richard Minsky's book art knows no bindings! (Video …

Of course, he'd really like it if you checked out the just published collection of his work accompanied by his autobiography, The Book Art of Richard Minsky . RICHARD MINSKY audio excerpt: “The glove I used on The Run of His Life: The …. Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week: A history by Eila Mell! (Video interview). Mr. [...]