October 2020
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Deflation in Japan may finally be 'dead' – CNBC.com

' Deflation in Japan is dead': Strategist. John Vail, Chief Global Strategist, Investment Strategy Group, Nikko Asset Management, says April's inflation report indicates that Japan is winning the war against deflation [...]

Investors see deflation as bigger threat than inflation – CNBC.com

Euro zone inflation fell to 0.7 percent on year in October – its lowest since November 2009 – triggering worries that the region is at risk of a Japan -style deflationary rut. “Low/falling inflation suggests that right now deflation is  … [...]

Japan Corporate Sentiment Improves: BOJ Tankan

Japan's long-standing struggle with deflation , i.e. declining prices have led companies to invest abroad as a strong yen weighs on their production costs. Many economists are hoping that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's pledge of … [...]

Why It's Time to Underweight Japan

“We feel the excitement over 'Abenomics' is now priced in, and the Bank of Japan has yet again shown it will do nothing dramatic to end deflation ,” he said. HSBC forecasts the Topix Index will end the year at 900 – 3 percent … [...]

Will Bank of Japan Adopt Higher Inflation Target – CNBC.com

But politicians like Abe have criticized the central bank for not doing enough to end grinding deflation that has plagued Japan for the past 15 years. Print Email. The Bank of Japan will consider no later than January whether to … [...]

BOJ to Mull 2% Inflation Target as Abe Turns Up Heat

But politicians like Abe have criticised the central bank for not doing enough to end 15 years of grinding deflation in Japan . Some central bankers are keen to boost stimulus again, with the world's third-largest economy … [...]