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Is deflation bad? – EconLog – Library of Economics and Liberty

Everyone knows that deflation is bad. Bad, bad, bad. Why is it bad? Well, we learned it in school. We learned it from the pundits on the news. The Great Depression. Japan . What, are you crazy? It's bad. Here, let [...]

Fixing Japan's labour market | vox

Fixing Japan's deflation requires labour-market reformsAyako Saiki; Ending the scourge of dual labour markets in EuropeSamuel Bentolila, Tito Boeri, Pierre Cahuc. The share of non-regular workers in Japan , which was  … [...]

Should the European Union Emulate Japan's Inflationary Monetary …

For many years now Japan has been plagued by deflation , which has retarded its economic growth; since 1981 the average annual growth of Japanese GDP has been only 2.1 percent. Deflation implies that the value of … [...]

Shinzo Abe Maintains Pressure on Bank of Japan to Attack Deflation …

New York, December 26 (FinanceEnquiry.com) – Shinzo Abe, incoming Prime Minister of Japan , carries on his calls on December 25 for the Bank of Japan (BOJ) in order to considerably ease monetary policy by setting an … [...]

Greece in the deadlock of the Troika's Austerity Trap – Global Labour …

As long as the Greek debt is considered unsustainable, liquidity and solvency problems will arise, rapidly multiply, and spread to the entire economy, which will continue to evolve through a “debt- deflation ” process with catastrophic … My answer is affirmative, and this institution is Hyman Minsky's “Employer of Last Resort” (ELR) programs (see e.g. Minsky 1986, Papadimitriou and Minsky 1994) that are unique countercyclical government initiatives that show evidence … [...]

Political Animal – Structural Reform Not Just for Labor

“ Japan's tolerance of the strong yen and deflation is rooted in a clash of generations,” said Yutaka Harada, a professor of political science and economics at Waseda University in Tokyo. “And for now, the seniors are winning.” … [...]

Inflation and Deflation 101

Alex Merced discusses and defines inflations and deflation and the factors that affect them. Join HayekForums.com and [...]

Hyman Minsky – blog*spot

Minsky also points out the tendency under capitalism to continually evolve new financial instruments and new markets for trading in second-hand debt. (Thus, a regulatory regime will also need to evolve if a recurrence of debt- deflation is to be … [...]