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Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues – The …

Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues, economy, investing, James Corbett, Bob Chapman, money, Fed, US Markets, politics, gold, sliver, wall [...]

Es ist an der Zeit, etwas Minsky zu lesen | Lars Schall

Eine kleine Einführung in das, was der Ökonom Hyman Minsky die “Hypothese der finanziellen Instabilität“ nannte. … Deflation : Im Normalfall sinken die Preise · Dreckiger Weißer – Chronik eines Hasses der nicht [...]

FOREX NEWS: Negative Economic Data For Japan, More Fuel For …

comFOREX NEWS: Negative Economic Data For Japan , More Fuel For Deflation Fire?DailyFXJapan household spending growth in December (YoY) declined for the first time in 4 months, according to data released by the … [...]

Japan's deflation outlook not improving : Forex News

FXstreet.com (Barcelona) – Japan's core CPIs fell for a sixth straight month in the year to October, showing once again the economy remains trapped in a deflationary cycle, with a long and painful road ahead to resolve the decrease in [...]

Japanese Yen to Lose Ground as Fiscal Year Ends, Deflation …

Tweet Fundamental Forecast for Japanese Yen: Bearish The Japanese Yen had a stronger week, finishing first among the majors in terms of performance versus the U.S. Dollar, up 1.31 percent since last Friday. The Yen's … [...]

Chinese Media Asserts a Japanese Bond bubble is About to Burst …

The sustainability of Japan's deflationary path depends on the market's confidence in Japan's debt market. As Japanese institutions and households hold almost all of the government's debts, their faith in the government's … [...]

Japanese Yen Needs Risk Trends to Collapse to Regain Footing

Consequently, with the country continuing to face both a deflationary and low growth environment, the Bank of Japan was forced to inject more Yen into the system. With ¥10 trillion ($128 billion) more Yen coming into the … [...]

Michael Pento Interview February 2 2012

In this 30 minute interview, Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St, LLC interviews economic expert and Austrian School Economist, Michael Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies. They discuss the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke’s recent announcements along with future moves by the Fed. Inflation, deflation, stagflation and asset allocation strategies for your portfolio are also discussed. Michael also talks about how he thinks precious metals will perform in 2012 and if he thinks China will experience a hard [...]

Whipsaw gold silver & oil forecasting with market update of bailouts hyperinflation debt petrodollar

A technical economic observation of a technical whipsaw in gold oil and silver as well as other commodities corresponding with a possibility false correction in the global markets. Why the expansion of the money supply have not lead to hyperinflation of the new world order money [...]

We are all Keensians now – macrobusiness.com.au | macrobusiness …

With more nominal debts outstanding, a procyclical behavior of prices can lead to greater debt- deflation pressures. Higher leverage can also lead to … It is heartening to see mainstream establishments like the Federal Reserve finally acknowledging and studying the theories of Hyman Minsky and his contemporary followers, and abandoning the 'consenting adults' view that debt doesn't matter as long as it is held by the private sector. I guess we are all Keensians now … [...]