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US Imports Most Deflation From Japan Since 2010 | Zero Hedge

Two months ago, when looking at the US Import Price Index (by origin), we showed Where The US Is Importing All The “Evil” Deflation From. The answer, courtesy of Abenomics, was simple: Japan . Earlier today we got [...]

I think we're turning Japanese, I really hope so | The Edgy Optimist

The past 20 years for Japan have been called the lost decades. Government debt is in excess of 200 percent of GDP. The country has suffered from chronic deflation , a sluggish job market, an aging population, an insular … [...]

Activist Post: Some Questions about Deflation

Japan , according to Bloomberg “has been battling deflation for more than a decade, with the average annual 0.3 percent decline in prices since 2000 damaging economic growth”. The New York Times reports that Japan's … [...]

Panayotis Economopoulos — On Austerity Impact and the Debt

At the second stage, its impact is to bring a debt deflation process that can result in a contractionary feedback loop with an economic and financial crisis. a. …. Even If… Michael Stephens — Registration Open for Minsky [...]

AFP — Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde

Japan's chronic problem with deflation is due to a low participation rate. Put those lazy retired people back to work, and tell women to forget about childrearing and get a real job that pays money. Ain't neoliberalism [...]

CASSANDRA'S HYPOTHESIS: Spain's Deflationary Quagmire

Spain's deflationary quagmire lies well beyond remedy at this point, dooming Europe's bold but ill-conceived attempt to forge a political and economic union under a single currency. That Spain's collapse is imminent should … [...]

Deflation Deepens as Japan Contraction Risk Intensifies

Deflation Deepens as Japan Contraction Risk Intensifies. Japan 's consumer prices slid at a faster pace in July and industrial production unexpectedly slumped, raising the danger that the world's third-largest economy has … [...]

Will Bernanke Policy Actually "Destroy Credit Creation …

In this Minsky drew on the work of the economist Irving Fisher who wrote about credit inflations and debt deflations . Minsky , like Fisher, argued that during the period of credit inflation the cumulative build up of debt would at some point become … [...]

Bernanke Signals That Investors Should Be Long Gold | www.bullfax …

By David Urban:Now that Federal Reserve Presidents Fisher, Kocherlakota and Plosser are non-voting members, Chairman Bernanke can go full bore into his deflationary Japanese ZIRP policy. The U.S. government shows … [...]

CASSANDRA'S HYPOTHESIS: How Today's 'Deflation' Can Turn …

Since the 2008 Credit Crisis, deflation has been the primary worry of mainstream economists and monetary and fiscal policies that utilize various forms of “money printing” have been implemented throughout the world to try to … [...]