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Confounded Interest | Japan's Consumer Confidence Crashes …

Japan's industrial production also fell 2.3% last week, the biggest drop since the Tsunami. jaoanip0514. Japan is still experiencing deflation in home prices are their housing bubble peak in 1991. For comparison, U.S. [...]

Randy Wray — Hyman Minsky and the Employer of Last Resort

Randy Wray — Hyman Minsky and the Employer of Last Resort. Collection of Minksy's articles on the JG, and a link …. Mosler Discussing Deflation on WKRO Radio Recordin… Austerity is not the only answer to a debt problem … [...]

Noahpinion: How is Abenomics doing?

Since Abe's election, Japan has slipped back into deflation : FRED Graph. But inflation expectations, as measured by breakevens on the Japanese version of TIPS, are up – to 1%. So maybe we'll see this deflation turn around … [...]

NewsDaily: Japan voters back PM Abe's efforts to spur growth, beat …

More than two thirds of Japanese voters support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet, a media survey published on Monday showed, with many of them praising his efforts to battle deflation and stimulate the [...]

Ab-Norm-al Econ: What Is Globalization?

It links Minsky's theory of finance with the process of globalization. The author of … Debt deflation is usually painful, and it often reveals problems that were not visible during periods of debt inflation and globalization. Bankers … [...]

Ab-Norm-al Econ: Wage Deflation In The Eurozone Has Been Very …

Austerity has not increased investor confidence in sovereign bond offerings, and internal wage deflation has not made the troubled economies more cost competitive. …. An Overview Of Minsky's Theory of Finance And Its [...]

Economics: Inflation or Deflation, is one better?

Alex Merced discusses both sides of the economic debate on whether deflation or inflation is more desirable or less painful. Join the Discussion at or [...]

Intro to Economics #13 – Price Levels, Inflation, and Deflation

Alex Merced does introductory video series on Economics [...]