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Fed Balance Sheet vs. Stock Market; Will QE Cause Inflation? US in …

In response to Japan Near Stagnation Following 9 Months of Growth; Service Sector Prices Back in Deflation ; Spotlight on Abenomics My friend “BC” writes . … Minsky noted that 'euphoria' might develop at this stage. Investors  … [...]

Gold And The Endgame: Inflationary Deflation | Zero Hedge

The “Inflationary Deflation ” paradox refers to the coming rise in the price of almost everything in conventional money and simultaneous fall in terms of gold. … I wondered that same thing about Bass' Japan Fund. As far as I  … [...]

Consumer Prices Rise in Japan, Signalling Possible End to Deflation

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made falling prices one of the government's top targets, with a series of anti- deflation measures aimed at curbing [...]

Keen Bordeaux 2013 Debt Deflation

My keynote speech at the KEDGE Business School “Finance and Society” conference. I give a live demonstration of switching from a model of Loanable Funds to [...]

Panic In China: Malinvestment, Deflation, And The Next Emerging …

While the deflation of the Chinese asset bubble will have a global impact, not everyone will be negatively affected. It's worth noting that China is following almost the exact same path as Japan in the 1980's. While China might  … [...]

Demographics, Disinflation and Deflation | S O L A R C Y C L E S

The alternative 15-40 ratio measure paints a similar picture of price deflation ahead for five of the most important economies: 23jun14 This explains why ZIRP and QE have failed to bring about inflation in Japan and now the  … [...]

Deflation Nation: Surreal "Slow Motion" Societal Collapse Is [...]

Killer Cost: The mainstream take

Success of the Keynesian-Neoclassical synthesis eclipsed the debt- deflation hypothesis until Minsky in 1974 retrieved it to shape his own financial instability hypothesis. Minsky supported a view that the business cycle was a … [...]

Deflation: What Can You Do About It? – Seeking Alpha

Not only is this a slippery slope to deflation , it sounds familiar to a nation which has been overrun by deflation for over 10 years – Japan . Another major problem with this “deleveraging” frame of mind is that incentives become  … [...]

EconoMonitor : Great Leap Forward » Hyman Minsky's New Book on …

Many of us got this policy from the late Hyman Minsky , who is well-known for his “financial instability hypothesis”. However, in the 1960s and 1970s he wrote nearly as much on unemployment and poverty. Indeed, he linked … [...]