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Monetary Policy in Japan: Finally on Track – NYTimes.com

Among those suggesting to the Bank of Japan that monetary policy could reverse deflation if applied in a consistent and determined fashion was the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, who as a Princeton professor  … [...]

Make Japan Chaste and Continent, But Not Yet – NYTimes.com

Look, maybe Japan can sustain growth in the face of this tax increase. But maybe not. Why not wait until growth is firmly established, and in particular until expected deflation has been solidly replaced with expected [...]

Missing Deflation – NYTimes.com

Inflation has stayed very subdued; but coming in to the crisis I certainly thought that actual Japanese -style deflation was a real possibility. That hasn't materialized (and for that matter, even Japan never had more than very … [...]

Abenomics can clear Japan's demographic hurdle – Analysis …

That's the case in deflationary Japan : people have postponed spending because they expect things to cost less in future. Abe's big bet is that boosting demand will not only end deflation, but lift the supply side of the economy … [...]

Japan's elections: A guide for the perplexed – Analysis & Opinion …

… to the conservatives. But patience with cosmetic change is running thin. People want a more muscular politics and a strong policy response to chronic deflation . For once, the outcome of Japan's elections may really [...]

Corporate China beating banks at their own game – Analysis …

The result is the kind of deflationary downturn Japan has experienced, where refinancing crowds out new investment. China's companies are extending credit to their customers at an even quicker rate. Receivables at … [...]

XE.com – Japan econ min: govt, BOJ will work as one vs deflation

Japanese Economics Minister Motohisa Furukawa said on Friday the government and the central bank will work as one and act decisively to beat deflation [...]

XE.com – UPDATE 2-Japan eyes end to decades long deflation

Japan on Friday offered its strongest indication yet it sees a way out of deflation next year, after being mired in a corrosive mix of falling prices and weak economic growth for much of the past two [...]

XE.com – UPDATE 1-Japan eyes deflation end, says nominal to top …

Japan's nominal economic growth will exceed real growth for the first time in 16 years next year, the government said on Friday, signalling that a moderate recovery will continue and help the country emerge from deflation [...]

Japan to avoid vicious cycle of yen, deflation -strategy document – XE

Japan's government will take every possible step to prevent a vicious cycle of a strong yen and deflation , a document on the nation's growth strategy said on [...]