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Market Anthropology: The Long Tail of Deflation

With Japan's Nikkei now trading well into its twenty fourth year since its secular peak in 1989, we thought we would take a quick comparative look at the two most talked about deflationary spirals (as weighed by [...]

Deflation in Sweden: Questions and answers | Lars E.O. Svensson

The inflation rate in Sweden is now among the lowest in the world. What has caused the deflation , what are its consequences, could Sweden end up in a similar situation as Japan , and what can be done about the [...]

Christine Hughes: The struggle between inflation and deflation

Christine Hughes, President and Chief Investment Strategist of OtterWood Capital explains why lack of inflation in the economy is a [...]

Economic Crisis Hyper Inflation or Deflation Danger?

Economic Crisis Hyper Inflation or Deflation Danger? This explanation is a simple but accurate one. Josh Galt goes over Deflation due to the Fed putting [...]

Why The Federal Reserve is evil + QE3, inflation, deflation, gold, economics

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaron.goldsten email: goldstenag1@gmail.com the federal reserve is just a central bank. it is a central bank owned by [...]

Abeconomics, Takahashi and Japan's deflation | Gestaltz

Kikuo Iwata, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan , has made some significant comments at a symposium in honour of Korekiyo Takahashi (http://bit.ly/1aatxII) the architect of Japan's recovery from the Great [...]

Index-Linked Bonds Herald End of Deflation in Japan? – Real Time …

Japan will sell inflation-proof bonds for the first time since 2008, the latest indication of the government's confidence that it can haul the nation out of decades of deflation . But traders wonder if there will be much of a market for  … [...]

test: Bank Of Japan: On Track To Beat Deflation

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said Thursday that Tokyo Electric Power Co.s use of data regarding contamination levels of storage tank leaks at its Fukushima plant were inaccurate and exaggerated  … [...]