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Systemic Risk and Systematic Value: Japan's war against deflation …

The Bank of Japan asserts that the output gap has closed, inflation expectations have increased, and consequently the conquest of deflation would be in sight. The policy board has maintained its commitment to the [...]

Tax Hike in Japan to test fight against Deflation – Your …

There is a big test coming up for the Prime Minister of Japan , Shinzo Abe, and his own brand of economic policies which have been labelled “Abenomics”. Abe has launched a range of aggressive measures to end deflation [...]

Economic Logic: Ageing and deflation in Japan

Ageing and deflation in Japan . Inflation rates across industrialized economies have been remarkably low in the past decades, and at the same time these economies have been subject to considerable demographic [...]

Index-Linked Bonds Herald End of Deflation in Japan? – Real Time …

Japan will sell inflation-proof bonds for the first time since 2008, the latest indication of the government's confidence that it can haul the nation out of decades of deflation . But traders wonder if there will be much of a market for  … [...]

Trading Weeks: How Japan Pretends To Fight Debt And Deflation …

by The Automatic Earth. Ansel Adams Biology class 1943. Japanese school at Manzanar War Relocation Center, California. Let's see if I can keep this nice and short: in my view the article below from Reuters correspondents  … [...]

Economics as Classical Mechanics: CPI deflation in Japan will …

I've borrowed this table from Japan Statistics. Considering the fact that only the price of fuel and transportation has been rising, one can interpret the current fall in oil price as a cause of the overall price drop in the months to [...]

Shinzo's Samurai – Fighting Deflation in Japan | The Principal Blog

During a recent visit to the United States, the message of Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe to President Obama was “ Japan is back!” This is Abe's economic battle cry in his fight to end two decades of deflation , meager … [...]

AIC 2013 Replay: Address: Japan’s economy — can it be rescued and revived by ‘Abenomics’?

Yasuhisa Shiozaki, a senior policy maker from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, makes the case for the new brand of economics being espoused by [...]

Economeka: Japanese Deflation Reviewed

Before he was Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke claimed in 2002, “…sufficient injections of money will ultimately always reverse a deflation “, although Japan's deflationary spiral was not broken by … [...]

Deflation in Japan? – The Mises Economics Blog

The topic of deflation has risen to new heights in Japan because the new Prime Minister has promised to fight deflation and to set new minimum inflation targets for the Bank of Japan [...]