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Looks as if they lost battle against deflation: Japan's Inflation Slows …

(Bloomberg) — Japan's inflation slowed more than forecast in January, highlighting central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda's challenge in reflating the world's third-biggest economy. Consumer prices excluding fresh food rose [...]

Capitalist economy, deflation and debt #4 Minsky | Seminar in …

Minsky major contribution to economic theory and the understanding of financial crises was the financial instability hypothesis. The hypothesis is has it foundation in two characteristics of capitalist economies. One is that  … [...]

Sober Look: Draghi will act to avoid deflationary spiral

The Eurozone is facing a growing risk of deflation – similar to Japan . Once the inflation rate in Japan fell below 1%, the external shock of the Asian currency crisis (late 90s) sent Japan into a deflationary spiral – something the … [...]

Sober Look: With deflation in BOJ's crosshairs, the yen is sure to …

NY Times: – Deflation remains firmly entrenched in Japan , figures showed Friday, as the central bank projected that its targeted level for inflation was still some years off, underscoring that there are no quick fixes for one of the … [...]

Political Animal – Structural Reform Not Just for Labor

“ Japan's tolerance of the strong yen and deflation is rooted in a clash of generations,” said Yutaka Harada, a professor of political science and economics at Waseda University in Tokyo. “And for now, the seniors are winning.” … [...]

Japan Slide To Deflation – Bloomberg

Japan Slide To Deflation – Bloomberg · Illuminati Esotera 1/3 (conspiracy government freemasons symbols) · 9/11 Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, Targets Withheld From Congress' Probe · Ron Paul on Bloomberg: … [...]