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Quantitative easing around the world: lessons from Japan, UK and US

QE was effectively born in Japan , a country plagued in recent history by deflation and rolling recession. The phrase “quantitative easing” was coined to describe Japan's efforts to kickstart growth and get prices rising [...]

Martin Wolf – Deflation and Mapping Economic Growth – interview – Goldstein on Gelt – Sept 2013

http://www.GoldsteinOnGelt.com Martin Wolf, associate editor and chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, talks about inflation and deflation and [...]

Krugman still thinking about Sweden — and still only gets it partly …

A ' Minsky moment' actually doesn't seem to be that far away, and we may sooner than we think face a deflationary house price spiral driving the economy to a classic Fisher-Keynes- Minsky debt deflation crisis. And this is [...]

How Will Gold Respond to Global Deflation? | Clif Droke …

With economies slowing down in China, Japan , Eastern Europe and other regions of the globe, many investors wonder if 2014 will deliver another global deflationary epidemic. As I'll explain in this commentary, the next [...]

Interview with Peter Surda – Bitcoin Economist – 2nd international conference on CCS

Since Bitcoin is a technology that enables a new type of currency never seen before (a digital currency that behaves like a commodity currency) traditional [...]


Mverecha said it was “very difficult” for a country to come out of deflation , pointing to Japan which has over the past decade struggled to get to the inflation level. He said deflation has serious negative impact across the  … [...]

Greece as a textbook example of debt deflation (also: the JD cover up!)

Summary The Troika is still using the Greek state to issue debtobligations which are used to prop up bankrupt banks. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, chairman of th Eurozone finance ministers, does not get this. That does not work,  … [...]

Gary Shilling Deflation – Business Insider

Those deflationary expectations are partly responsible for the slow economic growth in Japan for two decades. It's a self-reinforcing cycle, and it's hard to stop. Japan is now experimenting with ultra-aggressive monetary and  … [...]

Japan's War On Deflation Gets A Boost As … – Business Insider

Japan's war on deflation got a boost last month with a key inflation indicator rising at its fastest pace in 15 years, new data showed on Friday, as Tokyo battles to reverse years of falling prices. Stripping out volatile food and  … [...]

Greek deflation at record and could threaten future recovery from recession

Greece’s severe recession continues to dissuade people from spending money, further dragging down consumer prices.In November inflation fell 2.9 percent [...]