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The “Nice Phase of Minsky's Cycle” |

It's kind of ironic to think of all the time and money that went into all those high frequency trading computers (i.e., the hardware design and the [...]

Inflation, Deflation or Hyperinflation In America & Effect on Gold and Silver Prices In 20

Wonder whether the US is currently experiencing inflation, deflation or stagflation? Are we heading into hyperinflation? What effect will this have on gold [...]

Japan land prices fall at slowest pace in five years as deflation eases

Japan's land prices fell the least since the global financial crisis in the year to July 1, while commercial land in the three biggest cities rose in value for the first time in the same period, the latest signs that deflation is easing its stubborn grip on  … [...]

Japan government says country nearing end to deflation

Japan is approaching an end to deflation , the government said on Thursday, offering its most upbeat view on prices in nearly four years as a steady pick-up in the economy allows more companies to pass on rising costs to  … [...]

Japan's economy shows signs of escaping from deflation: gov't report

Japan's economy is on the verge of escaping from nearly two decades of deflation as it has picked up since the beginning of this year, a government report said Tuesday, emphasizing positive aspects of Prime Minister Shinzo  … [...]

New BOJ chief pledges all-out efforts to combat deflation

New Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda pledged on Thursday to launch full-scale efforts to end deflation in the country, one day after he took the reins of the central [...]

Some Questions about Deflation

Japan , according to Bloomberg “has been battling deflation for more than a decade, with the average annual 0.3 percent decline in prices since 2000 damaging economic growth”. The New York Times reports that Japan's … [...]

Japan: Worse than a deflationary trap

Pummeled by a strong currency and two decades of deflation , Japanese companies are shifting production to China and elsewhere. Japan's industrial core is eroding and threatened with being hollowed out, as happened in … [...]

Japan: Healthy man of Asia

With most of the world's economists pointing out that Japan's years of steady deflation have to be stopped, Asianomics says it's not a worry. “Under current policy settings Japan looks to us like one of the safest places on the … [...]

Tahoe is Walking On: Demographics, Debt and Deflation (Harry …

But the bubble-bust cycle that history has allowed us to see is not the only reason I'm so certain we're heading for deflation and a great crash ahead. I have other …. Discussing Minsky & Jubilee with Alpha to Omega … [...]