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Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues – The …

Japan Markets Hammered as Deflationary Cycle Continues, economy, investing, James Corbett, Bob Chapman, money, Fed, US Markets, politics, gold, sliver, wall [...] Krugman Visits Japan and Sees…

Krugman Visits Japan and Sees… … Deflation . Paul Krugman writes at NYT: Right now, Japan is struggling to escape from a deflationary trap… Here are the facts: The Inflation Rate in Japan is reported by the Ministry [...]

Petr Polak | The Euro Deflation Crisis | Foreign Affairs | Foreign Affairs

For evidence of the ill effects of deflation , look to Japan in the 1990s, which closely resembles Europe today. There, too, the financial sector struggled under a large burden of bad loans. Like Europe, Japan also faced an [...]

Deflation in Sweden: Questions and answers | Lars E.O. Svensson

The inflation rate in Sweden is now among the lowest in the world. What has caused the deflation , what are its consequences, could Sweden end up in a similar situation as Japan , and what can be done about the [...]

Guest Post: The Case Against Deflation | Zero Hedge

Japan was also in the grip of Keynesians and they stimulated like crazy but they still got deflation over decades, what makes you think it will work here when personal and business credit is not expanding…can the gov really … [...]

Haruhiko Kuroda intends to turn a mild deflation into 2% inflation …

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) governor Haruhiko Kuroda wants to finally eliminate the scourge of deflation . Mr Kuroda intends to achieve a new 2% inflation target handed down by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in this … [...]

NewsDaily: Japan government nominates Kuroda, Iwata, Nakaso to …

24, 2013 (Reuters) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeking to put at the top of the Bank of Japan two officials with different views on how to beat deflation , which could complicate decision-making in an already split board as it … [...]

A Prescription for Halting Deflation – Sylff

“Real or structural problems in the Japanese economy, like higher oil prices that have little to do with the currency system, can't be addressed with monetary policy,” Hamada noted. “However, since deflation and the yen's … [...]

Japan Abandons Austerity

In the early 2000s the Bank of Japan , the counterpart of the Federal Reserve, tried to fight deflation by printing a lot of money. But it, too, pulled back at the first hint of improvement, and the deflation never went [...]

NewsDaily: Japan's incoming PM keeps up pressure on BOJ to …

Incoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kept up his calls on Tuesday for the Bank of Japan to drastically ease monetary policy by setting an inflation target of 2 percent, and repeated that he wants to tame the strong yen to help … Abe, a security hardliner who will be sworn in as premier on Wednesday, when he is also expected to appoint his cabinet, is prescribing a mix of aggressive monetary policy easing and big fiscal spending to beat deflation and rein in … [...]