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Is the Euro the New Yen? | ETF Trends

The case for Japan's equity market in late 2012 and 2013 started when the central bank provided huge levels of monetary support to rid Japan of deflation . This action led to a much weaker yen, which in turn contributed to [...]

Imported Deflation And A New Currency War? [CurrencyShares …

Some are attributing low euro area inflation to Japan exporting deflation . Color us skeptical. Nor is the new agreement between China and Germany and UK an attempt to dislodge the dollar. The lowest euro area CPI print [...]

Peter Schiff "Deflation Is Good" Greece Hits 28% unemployement (61% under age 25)

Before the crash when Greece was growing at up to 5% annually, about 50000 jobs a year were added to the economy. Before Greece received its first [...]

The ECB must face the deflation risk | Gavyn Davies – Blogs

There are two equilibria in the model, one of which is in permanent deflation . The suggestion is that Japan found itself in this deflationary equilibrium for many years, and that the euro area might be headed in that direction  … [...]

Why Bernanke Can't Stop Deflation | Clif Droke | FINANCIAL SENSE

BOJ Governor Kuroda has previously said that he would do “whatever it takes” to drive growth in Japan . The central bank underscored its commitment to fighting deflation by announcing that it would also buy riskier assets … [...]


WORLD CRISIS : Japan Learned to Love Deflation in … WORLD CRISIS : U.K. Retail sales disappoint in Dec… WORLD CRISIS : China's economy posts slowest growt… EURO CRISE : Mario Monti engage la bataille [...]

Let’s talk economics

Benham’s news center talks about deflation and inflation, what they are explaining the use and the connection of these two factors, in economics, globally I OWN ALL [...]

Italy Braces Itself For The Full Monti | afoe | A Fistful of Euros …

And remember, this is not deflation ridden Japan , this is real, not nominal GDP we are talking about here. So far Italy hasn't been experiencing deflation , or at least not yet it hasn't. All in all, it would be hard to say that the Euro … [...]

Lauren Lyster Teaches Economic Illiterate Peter Schiff Word Of The Day – ‘Deflation’

Lauren Lyster does Peter Schiff a big favor and educates him on what deflation is and how it affects the economy. Hopefully, he passes this 1st 8th grade level learning session so that when he goes on TV, he doesn’t embarrass himself any [...]