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Week in FX Asia – USD/JPY Appreciates to 98 as Japanese …

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office in September after promising an end to deflation. He set a very aggressive target of 2% in 2 years. Abe was a vocal critic of the Bank of Japan, whose governor was up for [...]

The Skeptical Speculator: BoJ sees end to Japan's deflation, US …

Japan reported on Friday that its consumer prices excluding fresh food fell 0.5 percent in March from the previous year, signalling continued deflation . There was no immediate reaction from the Bank of Japan . Its latest … [...]

Bank of Japan Goes "All-in" on Deflation Battle – CME Group

With the Bank of Japan's announcement last week it would ramp up its deflation -fighting efforts, including doubling its monetary base through debt purchases, the central bank signaled it is “all-in” on its battle to fight deflation … [...]

Japan deflation remains dire despite the new BOJ policy – CME Group Asian Market Update: Japan deflation remains dire despite the new BOJ policy; North Korea on heightened alert after US fly-by. By – Thu 28 Mar 2013 23:10:44 CT Related Keywords: … [...]

Bill Gross: Economy is headed for credit supernova

Minsky's concept, developed nearly a half century ago shortly after the explosive decoupling of the dollar from gold in 1971, was primarily a cyclically contained model that acknowledged recession and then rejuvenation once the system's leverage had been reduced. …. (1) Position for eventual inflation: The end stage of a supernova credit explosion is likely to produce more inflation than growth, and more chances of inflation as opposed to deflation . In bonds, buy … [...]

The Economic Singularity

John Mauldin discusses what calls an “economic singularity” referencing the effect of debt bubbles on an economy and Hyman Minsky the forms of debt. … Emerging Market Real Estate, The Most Promising Asset Class: An Interview with Bill Bonner. Bill Bonner on Deflation , U.S. Treasury Bonds and the Trade of the Decade · The Global Economy: Gloom Boom or Doom? An Interview with Dr. Marc Faber · US Treasuries or Asian Stocks? An Interview with Marc Faber, … [...]

Deflation, debt, and economic stimulus | vox

The US, Japan , and Ireland are threatened by the spectres of deficient private demand, rising debt, and a tendency to deflation . This column questions current monetary policy directions, i.e. quantitative easing, and argues … [...]

Can inheritance taxes prevent deflation? | vox

However, there is no guarantee of success, as the Japanese experience shows. A longer-term perspective for fighting deflation is necessary. Taxation may be the best instrument for fighting deflation in the long run. At the core … [...]

Crisis lessons from Irving Fisher: Fix the debt-deflation disease, not …

This column rehabilitates Irving Fisher's debt- deflation theory to explain the current crisis. It suggests that fiscal stimulus will do little to prevent the crisis from becoming a protracted slump because the problem lies in [...]

Deflation in Japan: Worse than you think | vox

The Japanese inflation statistics, however, are calculated using outdated methods that are well-known to overstate inflation. Recent research suggests that true Japanese deflation is probably 1 to 2 percentage points worse than suggested by … [...]