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Silver Porn In Deflation

I talk about the need for silver in deflation; in deflation its possible for the price of silver and gold in dollars to go down relentlessly and THAT DOES NOT MATTER ONE OUNCE! MF Global was an example of deflation where customer money goes from 100c on the dollar to 60c on the dollar! Sure silver can go down in dollars; but it should stay constant in purchasing power to things such as gasoline fuel and other currencies. I think we need to expand out thinking so silver and metals start to become a currency. So if the price of bullion goes down, I will simply move risk away from the system to my [...]

Peter Schiff explains: Deflation vs Inflation.flv

Video from March 17, 2011. Preface: www.cbsnews.com 60 minutes did a second special report with Ben Bernanke that aired December the 5th. [...]

Economic Illiterate Peter Schiff’s Insane ‘Deflation Is Good’ Argument Debunked Again

An interesting perspective on deflation from Robert Pollin of PERI. The clip also ends with a nice quirk – interviewer Paul Jay says “The question is what you people at home do – and its to start to understand economics.” Right on the button, Paul – the reason why the US is in this mess is because of a mass of uneducated economic illiterates following other economic illiterates like Peter Schiff around like the bubonic plague. Its also painfully obvious that Paul Jay, an investigative journalist, after listening to economic experts during interviews and actually doing some decent research on the subject, is quantum light years ahead of economic illiterates like Peter Schiff, in knowledge, understanding and interpretation of deflation. From the New York Times article “Japan – From Dynamic To Disheartened”, explaining the effects of deflation, which Robert Pollin describes in the clip, and which economic illiterate Peter Schiff thinks is such good [...]